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    Let's fix the guns in the next version

      I could go on and on but hey team the muzzle break looks like a shotgun breaching attachment. Flash suppressors decrease visibility - that's all they do. Maybe there is a reason for it but the bolts are the left? The round a weapon uses and barrel length should dictate range. Some modern firearms can be switched from 7.62 or 5.56 so lets make that an attachment. How about giving us the weapons being used today instead of some of the ones we have in the game now. I mean some are real and others are variants of a real weapon and then some are just cool like the ripper. What about having the 1014 in play instead of the silly shotguns we have or what about AA12 but make it cost to use it because it's a beast! Oh and lets stretch the boundaries to what's right around the corner Sig MCX! Finally how can we not have the Walther P99, it's James Bond's gun along with the PPK!

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