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    Few questions regarding this game

      Hi all,

      My name is Alan, I'm 27yo and I would ask few questions regarding this game..

      This is my 3d game I ever played (before I was playing WOT for 2 years and many years ago I was playing the COD MW3 which I liked so much but it seems so different from this one).

      So lets start..

      1st question: Why my account name in game starting with my email name and not with the nickname I've used as TacticoolGenius?


      2nd question: What is ''season pass'' and how can I get the ripper gun?


      3d question: If I remember correct, in MW3 there was no use of real money at all in the game and if in this one you have to use it? if yes what advantages you have on other players who doesn't use real money.


      4th question: There is a squad points as I saw which we use for unlocking guns etc, but is there any difference between soldiers?

      I mean I'm playing now with soldier character called ''Babichenko'', and there is characters that I should unlock with 3 squad points (if i remember well) and with 200, 300 and 500 squad points..

      Which is a difference between those on 3 squad point cost and 500 ? (except the visual difference ofc)


      Well, that all from me, and I wanted to apologize if I write this in a wrong section as I find the forum at the moment a little bit confusing.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Re: Few questions regarding this game

          1. Not sure? Go to steam/friends/change name

          2. Season Pass is $60 I think and it gives you all the map packs (as they come out) and all of the DLC (as it comes out), the ripper is a DLC that you can get through the Season Pass or Just the Devastation DLC itself.

          3. Ever since W@W (First CoD) there was DLC. In MW3 there were no weapon DLC, only maps. (DLC almost always costs money, even though Terminal and Face Off were free DLC)

          4. The soldiers are your prestiges. After you hit "prestige" (lvl 60/61 depending) on one soldier, you get the emblem for that prestige displayed next to your name, 10 prestiges in total. Each prestige should gain around 400 squad points.

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              Re: Few questions regarding this game

              Thank you VERY much my friend !


              I see..


              Actualy I made a mistake in my post, I was playing MW and not MW3 (it was call of duty 4 - modern warfare) so I think that game was not with money at all.

              Anyway, I get as well regarding season pass...

              What is DLC? what does it mean?


              I changed my nickname in the game , thank you very much again.


              And finally, now I know what is about soldiers !! thanx mate !!!

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                  Re: Few questions regarding this game

                  It's correct; In Modern Warfare (1), there was no DLC's, but a lot of dedicated servers with dlc material for free, that players made themselves.


                  You won't get any advantage over players not buying dlc's, except the guns earlier than other people - but so far I think the guns haven't been more OP than the usual guns.


                  DLC is official material, and simply mean downloadable content, which is things you can buy and then download, camouflage, guns, map pack, legends pack etc.

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                Re: Few questions regarding this game

                Also regarding DLC guns, you can get them from ammo crates (support package) randomly; even if you don't have the DLC.

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                  Re: Few questions regarding this game

                  thanks to all for taking time on that.

                  really appreciate it ! thank you

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