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    Starting A Clan (Edited thread 4/24/2014) PS-3 (Recruiting)

      Good late evening Guys/Girls! Good Morning Guys/Girls! Good Afternoon Guys/Girls! (I say it like this cause of time zones)

      This is not a new thread by the way, I just edited it instead of spamming the forums.

      I will be starting my very own clan & that means I officially have more time now to play more before classes start. I quit my job due to school, since my job didn't have a specific time for me to work it would have made it more difficult with school now (college).

      Lets stat with the basics for the creation of this clan!

      Starting with clan name:

      Names that I could of think about were:

      RYUU - Meaning Spirit of the dragon

      PRK - Professional Rush Killer


      Then again I am thinking of making a clan where someone is willing to re-create a new account and have same beginning names as mines or ending name.

      Meeting the requirements to join:

      1: Each individual will go in a evaluation custom match. This will determine if she/he passes the test to join. (If you do not meet the K/D requirement you can message asking for a custom match of 3 games)


      2: Each individual must be Rated-M (Mature 18+).


      3: Each individual must be active at least a few times and must participate in matches.


      4: Each individual is willing to Not: Not rage quit the match unless you are having connection problems, Not extreme rage (I don't want any team mates to start talking so much BS about campers, if you know you camped in the first place then you know you should not rage at all).


      5: Each individual will have clan tag (If I do decide to just use tag instead of creating an alt). If you are seen with a changed clan tag or if I am told then I know you have more then one clan you will be kicked, I really don't see a purpose in someone having to be in more then 1 clan, 1 is sufficient enough for just you!


      6: Each individual Agrees to not Glitch/Hack. If you are seen with any type of cheating then you will be kicked (You are just ruining the fun of the game). If I am told you are then their will be further checking into the report.


      7: Respect all team mates! (I will not have no sign of disrespect just cause of anyone's ethnicity)


      Some requirements not en-forcefully required but would be helpful if you did:

      8: Have a MIC (This is for communication to work as a team).


      9: Have all Maps (That way each of us can play together without one getting sent out just for not having the maps).

      Those are the requirements so remember this is just to have fun and a good team.



      PSN Account: Optic-S-Killer

      Message me here or on the system which ever works for you and I will message back when i'm available meaning on.


      Thank you guys for taking your time to reading this.


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