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    I'm done!

      Are any of you tired of glitches and hacker trying to ruin bo2? It is so frustrating knowing this game is still widely played but people want it to end up like world at war if so we should form our own little clan for the rights of these games .

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          I agree that the direction the game is taking is sad, however support for one game will never go on forever and no matter how new or old a game is there will be people out there that will glitch or hack their way to the top. the biggest problem over all is the people making the mods to do so. they will create as many profiles as they can and make them top of the leaderboards just to promote their youtube channels. the hard truth of all that is that without activision or treyarch monitoring the game anymore those people have won, and messed up the leaderboards.


          All you can do is to continue to play the game the way it was meant to be played and to just try and avoid those people that want to cheat the game. there still are real zombie players befriend some and just compete and play with them and try not to look at the world leaderboards. 

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            I can't blame the glitchers and hackers on ruining the game. I put that blame on another group of people entirely.

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              A few hours ago they started removing a lot of the Hackers from the leaderboards including the Global stats. All the people with like round 1503, and 214 billion kills, revives etc have been removed. However they have not prevented people from hacking again because a new hacker has jumped to number 1 Tranzit and bus depot with 999999999 rounds lol