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    DLC Maps - Does having them hurt your matchmaking?


      This is intended mostly for the next generation console users; Xbox One and PS4, because they have fewer players online for matchmaking to begin with.  Xbox 360 and PS3 users, of course are free to add their input as well. 


      (1) Have you deleted your DLC Maps?


      (2) Did it make your matchmaking better without the DLC Maps?



      I was reminded of the old options to disable the map packs when somebody on twitter announced they had to delete their DLC maps in order to find a game lobby on the weekend.  Going back to the original Black Ops, having the DLC maps could limit your matchmaking possibilities, which we all know does not make for smooth games.


      For the older generation consoles; in COD games you could either select to search without DLC or you could disable the add-on through a PlayStation menu.  In my PS4 for Ghosts, I cannot find anything that allows this and it seems your only option is to delete the add-on.  As you only have a limited amount of downloads from the store for each purchase, I hope that you can at least restore it via a back-up if needed.  I may do a back-up of my system and do a test on this question to see what I find.