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        60. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

        TheGreenGoby wrote:


        can't agree I'm afraid.  The heavily promoted squads mode for weeks prior to release,... now after they have my money, they water it down into an impotent game mode,..  that is cheating me.


        FYI the "they" here is Infinity Ward

        That is fair. I am not looking for your agreement.  It is what it is.


        I am going to admit that I did not realize that that there was an XP cap before playing. But when I came to realize this was the case I had a choice:


        - I could take the thoughtful and mature approach and realize that it makes sense that one playing offline should not be awarded to the same extent as someone having to go through the grind online, or;


        - not


        We will agree to disagree, but the final say of what is and what should never be (see what I did there? LedZep) is not up to you or me.  I have seen Bait and Switch tactics before, and they have influenced my future decisions,,, but I am not sure this is one of them.


        ...but it could very well be, and if so, you have every right to feel cheated if you feel so...the question is: what are you gonna do about it (present, and more importantly, future)?

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          61. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

          I just bought Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 it actually has a unified progression system that works online and offline. The online community is gone on ps3 but I can play offline and unlock stuff and rank up. It's really cool too because if i run and gun a lot then i unlock smg's if i snipe a lot then i unlock snipers and you know all the attachments too. There is a mode called terrorist hunt where you kill at the enemies on the map with your squad and you can play this mode completely offline by yourself no internet and rank up, unlock stuff. Also the stuff you unlock includes customizable gear to change the way you and your squad look also guns and attachments for those guns. You also get different challenges that you can do to earn more xp. Its actually a lot like call of duty in the progression sense and this game came out in 2008, 6 years ago o ya did I mention this is also around the same time call of duty 4 came out. How can Rainbow 6 Vegas do all of this offline but call of duty ghost 6 years after call or duty 4 (2 different companies) can't seem to even seem to create a good unified system let alone penalize their fans for using it and not actually making the system good as well as misinforming their fans with bad press releases. s much as i hate to say it we should have supported Rainbow 6 Vegas lol even though its a tactical first person shooter.

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            62. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

            It is not whether a game can, or cannot do something...


            The question is: What is the intent as laid out by the devs.  We may not agree, and wish they did it like other games, but that does not men they have to.  I wish you get everything done offline, but I am not gonna cry just because I can't (not saying you or the OP is crying... just making a point)


            I am sure you see what I am saying.  I am not agreeing or disagreeing... it is what it is.

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              63. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

              I see what your saying i am just giving people some other options. I know the industry is changing. But there are still some pretty good gems out there that do it right. and i am sure there will be more they will just be rare but in a way doesn't that make them better. Also this means i will spend a lot less on video games lol. I think single player campaigns are suffering too I have read other threads about that too.

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                64. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                Yes, the industry is changing.  AI is going to get more and more important.  If the COD developers don't get with that, they will go "the way of the Halo"...

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                  65. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                  great point1  I (we) are not asking for "cutting edge",.. just not LAME would be nice  It is all choise of the developers, not tech barriers...


                  All the more reason to believe they have taken their customers for granted.  Activision:  IF is not taking care of YOUR customers!  dump them!

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                    66. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                    all I can do is voice the issue for now.  For later, if this is never resolved,  I can not give up my money to Infinity Ward ever again.


                    Bad grammar not withstanding

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                      67. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                      I agree.  i like the game overall, but I am really P-O'ed about the quality / choice roll-back.  I don't like being dissed.

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                        68. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                        Apparently squads mode is being phased out because too many people play it and not enough people play MP. If infinity ward were smart they would just fix squads lol I wont play Ghost and many other people will not either if they keep watering down squads and i wont ever buy another call of duty game again.

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                          69. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                          I think you mean*: If IW were smart they would just fix MP (if that were possible).  *IF* MP worked as smoothly as squads, nobody with an internet connection would play squads, and MP would be an enjoyable experience.


                          * if that is not what you mean, my apologies... but squads is the new addition. Hard to water down something that never existed before.

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