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    Unlimited sprinting in Ghosts=Hardcore camping, Black Ops 2 no unlimited sprinting=everyone runs. WTF?

      I just recently put in Black Ops 2 to see how players were playing on Free For All compared to Ghosts.

      I noticed that everyone was running around even though the game does not have unlimited sprinting.

      Never saw anyone just sitting in a corner every single match.


      When I play Ghosts on Free For All everyone I see just sits in corners aiming down sights.

      The funny thing about this is UNLIMITED SPRINTING.

      If you can run forever unlike Black Ops 2 than why the hell does everyone just camp in corners?


      I would like to see more players moving around and taking advantage of unlimited sprinting.

      It is possible to run and gun and win on Ghosts. I do it quite often.

      Don't be scared. Come out of your tents and get some sun.

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