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        Hawk I don't get the whole Jackson thing, why did they cut him, money? I heard they were saying there was some locker room stuff but it almost seems as if the Eagles didn't want to spend the money and so they threw out a story trying to make Jackson look bad so the fans wouldn't get upset at the team. Is that what happened? I am very intrigued to see how the Hawks come out of the gate. Will they have that hunger after winning the Super Bowl. The team is different they lost a few good players, how will they adjust? They have a lot of talent and if their defense can continue to be dominant and Wilson continues to improve I feel pretty good that they can be a contender again.

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          @Iron - No, money wasn't the issue.  Everything points to the problems being a character issue that Reid was willing to put up with cause he was the player friendly coach, but Chip is a 100% team and he isn't interested in players that could be a problem.  Jackson is apparently friends with gang members and some reports say he was outright disrespecting to Chip, immature, and a lot of other unflattering terms.  All of which are things that were kinda obvious back when Reid was the coach, but different coach, different rules.  Reid always protected his players and pointed the finger at himself.  I doubt Chip will ever come out and trash Jackson, but it's clear he's not interested in having him on the team.


          @Rogue - Awesome!  Have ya watched any of the episodes yet, I imagine they must look pretty being blu ray and all.  Marvel needs to put out EMH on blu ray already, that we don't have a complete series collection of that is a shame.


          Looks like both our teams are in the 3 - 2 hole now.  Man, did the Flyers look terrible today.  I dreaded getting this match up and the Rangers are making it as hard on the Flyers as I feared.  I don't think either team was really sharp though, the series hasn't been a terribly pretty one to my eyes.  Hopefully the Flyers can turn things around by Tuesday and push it to a game seven.


          I'm not sure.  The characters are all interesting, but it's hard to imagine what a solo book would be like for a lot of em.  Gambit seems like he'd be the best choice for a solo book cause they could do stories about a lot of fun capers, like Leverage or something, but his book got cancelled around issue 15 or so.  What sorta adventure would Storm and Magneto?  I'm not really sure, myself, unless it takes place pre-X-Men which I don't think they are.  I guess that's why I aint writing em though, haha.


          It's so cold  and lonely in the shame box.  I see you avoided The Other M, haha.  Yeah, I remember how obsessed people were with 7 when it first came out and a good number of people are still pretty obsessed by it.  It seems like folks go nuts whenever there's a whiff of a FF7 remake, I wonder if Square is a bit afraid to remake it at this point so they can't screw it up, haha.  Yeah, for someone that grew always being rich it's interesting to see her throw that comfort away.  Not just the money (she got some from her dead Aunt, anyway), but the cushy rich lifestyle.  Her parents wanted her to sit back and count her money, not avoiding death traps in some long forgotten temple.  Clearly, Lara made the better choice, haha.  But I never necessarily mind the movies having the different background, Lara was acted like herself and it didn't feel like she was that shaped by her father.  I just wish they didn't bring it to the games, where they bumbled it so much.  I just wanna play in that dusty old temple, not deal with Lara's personal issues.

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            @Hawk: Yeah, I've watched 9 episodes so far, and they're still awesome!  The show's animation was always pretty simple, but it does look kinda cool on Blu Ray.  It makes it look kinda like a comic popping out off the page at you.  Yeah, it's weird that we don't have a complete set for EMH.  It seems like Marvel just wants to sweep it under the rug and forget it existed, kinda like they've done with Spectacular, actually.  Sony made it and still holds the rights to it, which is why this set was released right before the new Spidey movie, but Marvel has done everything they can to pretend it never happened and keep Josh Keaton far away from voicing Spidey ever again (which is sad because I think he's the best Spidey voice actor ever).  But, I do have all the DVDs of EMH, even though it was kinda a pain to have to buy all the different sets to get them.  Totally worth it to be able to watch them whenever I want, though. 


            Well, my Wild got a win today to force game 7.  They probably should've won game 5, actually, but the refs were really bad.  The Wild were getting called for penalties without touching anyone, but the Avalanche was getting away with a lot more stuff.  They were even offside on the game-tying goal and only had that chance because they grabbed a Wild player from behind who was going for an easy empty net goal to finish the game.  It'd be one thing if they were just letting the teams play with lots of contact, but the Wild were getting called for some imaginary penalties where they didn't even hit anyone.  I haven't seen a hockey game that badly refereed in a long time. 


            Yeah, they've just been part of a team for so long that it's tough to figure out how someone would tell a story only about one of them.  It's easy with Wolverine since he's kinda supposed to be more of a loner (though he's somehow also part of about 17 teams).  Gambit makes sense, too, especially since he can do all kinds of thieving fun stuff.  And anything like Leverage is awesome, of course. 


            That's why it's the shame box instead of the pride box!  Haha, yeah, I almost bought it when it was $5 at Best Buy a while back, but they were out of copies.  It's probably just as well because it sounds like they really messed up with Samus in the story on that one.  I was reading something that said the main designer of all the Metroid games pretty much did all the writing, which is kinda weird because you'd think he'd know more about his own character than that.  I guess he just doesn't know much about writing, since I think he's more of a gameplay designer than anything story-related.  At any rate, I hope he stays far away from the story of any other Metroid games and just focuses on the stuff he knows about because Other M's story just sounds awful.  Yeah, I don't see the big deal about a FF7 remake, since I feel like it's plenty fun to play anyway now.  I'd rather have them make new games instead of spending tons of time and money to remake it.  It'd take a ton of resources to remake a game that big with the kinds of fancy graphics people expect now.  Were the movies as bad as a lot of people say?  Or did you think they were better than a lot of people gave them credit for?

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              @Rogue - Haha, wow, ya didn't waste time watching em!  It's great that look nice and pretty on the blu ray.  Is there any cool extras included?  Yeah, I remember the whole debacle where Keaton did the voice for Spidey in EMH then Loeb or whoever made the decision to have Drake re-record the lines.  And that some of the episodes for season two of EMH are completely out of order on the DVDs.  It seems like quite a few people really liked the show, you'd think they'd want to cash in on that.  It'll be interesting to see what happens with the Avengers Assemble DVD/blu ray release, whether we'll see an immediate release or a bit of feet dragging.  It looks like the first season is finishing up in a month.  I see they also have an episode planned around Clint's past as a carny, which could be fun.  They also did an episode with Hank Pym!  But it sounds kinda awful with the plot being about Falcon's mom coming to the Avengers Mansion and them trying to convince her he aint a superhero.


              Hey, my Flyers forced a game 7 too!  And after a really fun game 6 where Simmer put up a hat trick, Giroux got 3 points, and Mason went back to playing lights out.  I doubt tomorrow's game will be quite so fun, but hopefully the result will be the same with a Flyers win.  Good luck to your Wild!  There have been a lot of controversy this year.  I remember there was a goal controversy in the Lightning-Habs series, there was just another last night with Kings-Sharks, and I feel like there might have been something in the Dallas-Anaheim match up, but I can't remember.


              I guess.  It's still better than the Shame Pit anyway, now that place is a dump!  At least the shame box is dry.  Haha, they probably just told him to say that to try to get fans excited about the "real" Samus.  I remember they did something similar with Tomb Raider where they brought in one of the original devs that worked on original TR to co-write the mummy-daddy saga and they had him talking up how he was gonna bring Lara back to his original vision and all that.  He wasn't involved in the good reboot, haha.  I guess it shouldn't be a shock, just look at the Star War prequels compared to the originals.  I think it could be interesting to see what they could with something like cel shaded graphics, so it would look better but not the super realistic stuff that Square has been doing lately.  I don't remember the second movie since I haven't seen it in a long time, but the first movie isn't that bad.  There's temples, exotic locations, puzzles, Lara acts how I expect her to, they sidestep the usual obligatory romance in action movies, and she gets into a fight with a stone statue with four arms.  Sure, it's not a perfect Tomb Raider movie, but its entertaining.

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                So, big announcement today with the Marvel edition of Disney Infinity!  There's a full length trailer out, some game details, and announced characters, which I'm sure everyone is shocked to hear is the cast of the first Avengers movie.  I can't complain since it gives me Hawkeye right off the bat, though!  He wasn't in the trailer much, but he looked pretty good!  Basically looks the same as he does in the Avengers Assemble cartoon and everyone else has their standard looks.  I think I read in one article that there will be alt costumes though so I may get my Classic Clint after all!  I'm guessing we'll get the Avengers Assemble voice cast again, so Troy Baker as Clint again which I'm cool with.  Hopefully he gets his smartass comic personality!


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                  So this is a game or something you have to subscribe to or both? Hawk give me more details please.

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                    There's no subscriptions or anything.  If you're playing on console you can go to the store and you get what's called the Disney Infinity starter kit which comes with the game, an action figure base, and three figures.  The base connects to your console and when you put one of the little action figures on the base it unlocks them as a playable character and their associated story campaign.  So, the figures are kinda like DLC.  You can get the figures in packs for like 30 bucks but you can only just get an individual character for around 12 - 15.  So, you could get the three pack with Hawkeye, Captain America, and Hulk or you could just get Hawkeye for cheaper.  The three characters you get in the starter pack will be Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor so you won't have to worry about anything extra if all ya wanna do is play with IM.  Or, if you wanna go even cheaper you can buy the game on PC and you can buy the option to play as characters for slightly cheaper since you don't get a physical little action figure.


                    For the gameplay, there's two different modes.  A story mood and a creative mode.  Judging by the videos I've seen story mode works kinda like Marvel Heroes where you have this open area and people give you little quests to do and I think there's some kind of main storyline.  The Pirates of the Caribbean version lets you get onto the Black Pearl and sail around and fight Davey Jones whereas in the Lone Ranger set you get to ride around on the Ranger's horse, so we can probably expect some pretty fun stuff for the Marvel world.  Each character will also have a skill tree so ya can customize your character.  You will also be able to change costumes and call in non-playable characters like, Iron Patriot, to aid you.  The creative mode is probably the most interesting mode though, because it gives you the ability to create your own levels, play levels other people create, or I think you can have the computer randomly generate something for you.


                    I'll private message ya the links to the articles that detail the game a bit more.


                    By the way, Marvel has commented on making an actual Avengers game for console!  It's kinda a good news/bad news situation though.  The good news is that they seem to be taking Marvel games pretty seriously and they want to make a legit good game, like what DC has done with Arkahm City/Asylum, instead of churning out movie tie-ins.  The bad news is that it seems like we probably won't be getting an Avengers game in the near future cause of the above reasons.  At least it sounds like they're looking around for the right studio/concept though, so it's just a matter of time til we get that awesome Avengers game we've been waiting for!

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                      That Disney Infinity stuff looks pretty cool!  I'll have to check it out when it gets closer to release.  Any Marvel video game stuff is always worth looking into, though I kinda wish the Skylanders model didn't exist.  I know it's not that different from a free-to-play like Marvel Heroes where you're buying heroes and stuff, but I'm not a fan of how you need to buy into it with a starter kit and then decide if you wanna buy the extra stuff.  It also makes you buy different levels to play, unlike a good free-to-play that would let you play any level you want.  It's like a major DLC-heavy game, which isn't ideal.  If the game is done well, though, I might still check it out.  I haven't read up to see how Disney Infinity is, in terms of gameplay, yet. 


                      Haha, I'm 5 episodes into season 2 now!  There's only 13 episodes per season, but that's still pretty far in.  There's not any new extras that weren't already on the season 1 DVD box set, but I haven't seen those before anyway, so I might check them out once I watch all the episodes.  Yeah, that was terrible.  Keaton just knocked it out of the park as Spidey, but he'll never be Spidey again, I guess.  It's too bad they couldn't have at least left his voice in EMH, since they were replacing EMH with Assemble anyway to fit in with Ultimate Spider-Man.  I've always hoped Marvel Heroes could get a Keaton-voiced Spidey costume (they got one with the 90's Spidey voice actor, Christopher Daniel Barnes), but Marvel seems to be against anything like that happening.  It's like they want everyone to forget that good Spidey cartoons can be made.  Have you been watching any of the Avengers Assemble episodes?  I gave up on trying to watch anymore of it, since it just wasn't very good. 


                      I saw that your Flyers lost game 7. That's too bad, but I'm pretty excited that my Wild pulled out the win yesterday!  They barely snuck into overtime with a goal with 2 minutes left, and then they got one to win it there.  It was totally awesome, and now I'm really excited to see if they can do anything against Chicago.  It's been a while since a Minnesota sports team has done anything in the playoffs, so it's nice to have someone winning a bit here. 


                      I think he was saying most of this after it was released, actually, and even the other developers from the other companies he worked with were basically trying to point the finger at him and blame him for Samus in Other M.  He sounds like he doesn't really know why people like Samus so much, since he said stuff about how the games before Other M were mysterious and didn't tell us anything about what Samus is like as a person.  I think there's a lot of Metroid fans out there who would disagree and say they got a good idea of what Samus is supposed to be like, though.  It actually reminds me of an article I read today about George Lucas and how some people think he doesn't know what made Star Wars successful in the first place, which is why the prequels fell flat for most people.  I could see something like cel-shaded graphics working out well, kinda like a Zelda: Wind Waker look to it.  It'd even kinda fit with the old designs from the game, where characters looked kinda short and like Legos.  I think lots of people would be disappointed with that route, though.  Hence the lack of a remake ever being made.  Well, now I'm sold on the movie! haha, I gotta watch a movie where she fights a stone statue with four arms!

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                        @Rogue - It's not a free-to-play game though.  It's just a standard game with DLC that comes as an action figure.  I know ya can fool around with creative mode on PC for free, but that's really more of a demo than free to play.  And really, ya don't need to buy anything else outside the starter kit.  The creative mode lets you create your own levels and you can download levels other people created that you can play as much as ya want.  It's really more like The Sims than a free-to-play game.  Sure, you could buy the expansion packs that add new furniture and a couple new features, but if you stick with the core game you can still play it tons making lots of different houses and Sims.


                        You're gonna finish all the episodes before the weekend, then what will you watch!  Yeah, it would've been cool to give the Keaton fans a final send up with him as Spidey on EMH.  I guess they wanted to promote Drake though.  I only watched the season premiere of Avengers Assemble and it was such a huge turn off I couldn't go back.  None of the episode summaries have sounded terribly good to tempt me to give the show another try.  I might try to watch the episode centered on Clint, cause it's Clint, but I'm not expecting all too much.


                        Yeah, it was a pretty frustrating game to watch, especially at the end when they pulled the goalie.  Their attempts to get into the Ranger's zone just looked pathetic.  Oh, well, I'm still pretty happy they even made the playoffs after such a terrible start to the season and Giroux is one of the Hart finalists, which is pretty awesome, even if Crosby is pretty much a lock to win.  Still nice to see Giroux get the nomination and his skills recognized.  It's great that your Wild got the game 7 win though!  It must've been a pretty intense game to watch.  Chicago is gonna be a really hard test for your guys now, but you took out the Avs so who knows what'll happen.


                        That's unfortunate for him then, I suppose.  I guess we can only hope the next Metroid game will a lot of fun with a well written Samus.  I was thinking a bit less cartoon-y than the Wind Waker style, more like the 2008 Prince of Persia which was friggin gorgeous.  I'm sure some would still not be happy with it though because they were hoping for a different style.  Who doesn't wanna fight giant statues with four arms, haha.

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                          It looks to me like it has all the downsides of a free-to-play (higher cost to get every character and level unlocked in the game) without the upsides (can play for free to see if you like it).  I'd have to do a bit more research, but I was poking around the electronics department at Target today and saw they sell the starter kits for $75, which is more than a full boxed game.  Then the extra playsets are like $35 each.  That's pretty expensive DLC, especially since I read somewhere that all the data for them is on the disc.  I guess you don't need to unlock them, but those seem like they're supposed to be like other levels in the game, so it's kinda lame that you'd have to buy them on top of the already high starting price.  The creative mode does look really interesting, though, and I'm sure people can create some awesome stuff out of that. 


                          Haha, I don't know about that.  I work a lot this weekend, so we'll see how much time I get to watch it.  Yeah, the Keaton situation was just another example of Loeb messing with EMH for no good reason.  He could've just waited to mess things up until he had his own new shows to work on.  Yeah, I tried to watch one or two other episodes, and they weren't much better.  It's weird because Even the voice acting didn't seem very good, which is weird considering the awesome voice actors they've got on that show.  Some of them didn't fit the characters they were cast for, though, and that Man of Action writing team was pretty terrible when they wrote EMH episodes too.  Pretty much every disappointing episode of the show was written by them. 


                          Yeah, it's always nice to at least get into the playoffs since you never know if your team's gonna be back for a while.  At least, that's how it is in Minnesota! haha, but I didn't get to see the game tonight.  They lost, but they still got some time to come back in the series.  If they can steal one on the road, they'd be in a good spot. 


                          For now, we just have to hope there is a next Metroid game sometime soon.  It's been a while since the last one with nothing new announced.  Okay, I guess there are lots of different cel-shaded styles.  I always jump to Wind Waker, which I thought was pretty awesome.  I checked out a bit of stuff on that Prince of Persia game, and it does look like that'd be a pretty good fit.  Well, I don't wanna fight them!  I wanna watch people fight them in movies, though!