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    Multiplayer still broken on PC, Steam

      I purchased FOUR COPIES of this game, one for me, and three friends, to play MULTIPLAYER, which the game says it is on Steam.  My friends and I were unable to join one another's games (clicked Join Game on Steam friends and nothing would happen).  I purchased and installed today so the game should be up to date. Has anyone figured out how to get multiplayer to work?  I'm really disappointed that Activision would sell a game with so many issues. 

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          I got 3 copies myself! This is SCAMMING! THIS IS NOT the way to do it if you don't want to win next years gold turd! Like EA has done over the years! Bring your community ppl to the forums on steam and so on and FIX the issues!

          Its been out for so long and still no fix! Just removed the lan option. Which was the only way for PS users to play multiplayer.

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              I have the same problem: I bought two games to play with my brother on the PC and already has a year I can not play coop with it! That is outrageous, the Actvision not aware of this problem and not do anything at all to resovler nor a satisfaction! this is a lack of respect for the consumer! If I knew the game would have this problem and it would not be resolved would not have wasted my time and my money i let alone buying something that, for me, not good for nothing because just bought because of the coop.

              Demand a response from the company because I know I'm not the only one with this problem.