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        20. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

        Yes. Most of it. For the second part I'd like to add Aim Assist into the equation. Which means, I'd need at least one more person besides myself.

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          21. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

          I'd say it's a safe bet that the new COD is coming to Wii U, the Advanced Warfare site is hiding the Wii U logo inside one of the pages:




          What was the reason last year that they waiting 2 months to announce the Wii U version?

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            22. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

            Call of Duty: Ghosts confirmed for Wii U launch on Nov. 5 (update) | Polygon

            "Right now we've only announced current-gen and PC, [which will release on] Nov. 5," Rubin said in June. "[Wii U] is probably in the next-gen bin. We're not actually talking about Wii U yet because we want to keep it mysterious."




            "I heard of this new game that has guns in it.  Yeah, really!  GUNS!  Nobody knows if it is coming to any other platforms besides PC, PS3, PS4, X360 or X1.  Oh my god, the suspense...the mystery."

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              23. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

              I'd say it's because its 1 separate studio (Treyarch) that does our version's port every time. From the talks we've had with A_Trey_U and such, it seems that its a small team and since they do all of that for ALL of our versions, it takes extra time. Our version is probably not finished yet, and it will probably not be until that time that it will be announce - a sell-able product (however you may take that).

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                24. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

                the1andonlyIKY wrote:


                Yes. Most of it. For the second part I'd like to add Aim Assist into the equation. Which means, I'd need at least one more person besides myself.

                In that case I'm cool with that, a week day would be good, would have to be early for you though, but those times I'm most likely playing solo

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                  25. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

                  you guys are so dumb. As stated before. The new games aren't ported. They are developed for each console separately.

                  And the glitching and issues some of you are having are a direct result of your crappy internet connection.


                  You can pick one of these up real cheap. Just remember you need at least 10mbps download and at least 2mbps upload

                  to have a decent game experience. And as fast as these games run you need to be hardwired to your console.

                  I play all the time with no issue whatsoever. On both black ops 2 and ghosts.

                  You either completely suck at playing the game, your console isn't getting enough ventilation, or you have a poor internet connection. (or a combo of all the above)

                  Keep in mind with the connection speed I posted those are minimums, if others are online in your household (pc other consoles/devices) you will cause a bottleneck effect. (slowing your connection speed to the servers and causing your problems)

                  Since there seems to only be a handful of you guys constantly complaining about issues it is safe to say it is you not the game.

                  All the glitching and lagging and other issues you are having are a direct result of you not the game..

                  As far as the controllers go. They have and will always work the same. You have to fine tune your movement speeds. Also those using the gamepad are probably using the little screen too and have a upclose screen to see all. Stop blaming everything/everyone else for your shortcommings.

                  Activision, treyarch, infinity ward, and sledgehammer have done a fantastic job with the wii u.


                  A special thanks to all the dev teams from all things activision, and anyone else having a hand in making these absolutely beautiful games. Keep it up guys...

                  Thanks schitzo....

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                    26. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

                    schitzotm wrote:


                    you guys are so dumb. As stated before. The new games aren't ported. They are developed for each console separately.


                    I'm not going to say a word, I'll just sit back and watch..

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                      27. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

                      Please quote where it has been previously stated that new games are developed for each platform independently.  I'm sure A_Trey_U would like to see this since he has said himself that he is part of a small team that is specifically tasked with porting the core code to the Wii U.


                      I'm sorry, but a persons connection does not dictate if others in the match are able to glitch out of bounds in the map.  The same applies to glitches for the likes of operations, etc.  That is due to failings in the code of the game.  I'd also like to add that just because only a handful are still cursing out the netcode, it does not mean that others aren't getting it, too.  Most may have just accepted, like myself, that this kind of stupidity regarding online gaming is now the norm.


                      I frequently get dropped on the crap side of lag and know that my networking and connection are all setup adequately and runs flawless.  It worked perfect during MWR, MKWii, BO2 and a whole load of PC gaming yet starts to take a dive when MW3 starts to come around before hitting the bottom with BO2.  But nothing changed on my end and I find it funny that others around the world started having similar issues.  And it is not just on the Wii U, either.  My nephew has both an X360 and Wii U and has a problem with the netcode on both, both here at my home and at his own.  The difference is that I have had to adapt my playstyle to accomodate the new era of netcode and have learned that no amount of complaining is going to award me the better connection.  I've tweaked and tested and found that it all seems to come down to the combination of all players in the lobby at that time.


                      One last note, I think the bare minimum bandwidth in order to play online is roughly 128kbps (about 1mbps).  The recommended is roughly 256kbps+ (2mbps+).  Higher is always better but won't do jack since the game does not require that much bandwidth.  Ping is the primary factor in how the game performs since that dictates how quickly information is sent between you and the host, and the host and other players in the lobby.  20ms or less is ideal.  50ms or less is good.  100ms or less is bare minimum.  Well...that is how it USED to be.  Now, even players on a fibre connection can lag worse than those on DSL.


                      It's sad how the days of putting in a game and pressing "A" to play are now gone.  Now, we have to fiddle with our connections between each release, sometimes between each match, just to try and get a good game.


                      ---- EDIT ----

                      I'll add my thanks to A_Trey_U and the rest of the team that are responsible for porting over the game to the Wii U.  It is my understanding that they are a small team and pretty much have to do the same amount of work as the other teams.  I also understand that they are forbidden from altering the core code of the game, so that limits them to just Wii U specific things, the reason being is that they want to try and maintain a consistent game across all platforms.  That explains the problems with balancing the control schemes, why they can't do anything about the netcode, etc.

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                        28. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

                        I would totally buy if there were dinosaurs. Go on a nice killstreak and then call in a pack of Velociraptors

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                          29. Re: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

                          First off if you are talking 256kbps, that is nowhere near 1mbps.

                          http://prntscr.com/3ga0d0  1mbps is equal to 1024kbps. So if you are basing your connection speed off of 256k then your problem is right there.

                          Second, as long as you don't have hardware issues your dl and ul speeds are a direct result of how fast you ping a server. (how fast you send said packets to server handshake then they send back the higher your upload speed the faster you send, the higher your dl speed the faster you receive)

                          Also a direct connection to your modem/router always helps with ping speed.

                          And many times during communications with activision they correct the "port" word. (in reality all games to all consoles are ported, from the development engine) But they are no longer "porting" from let's say xbox. (some wii games were ported from xbox and ps3) Just removing things the wii wasn't capable of creating.(reason why people were able to "port" xbox coding into modded menus on the original Wii)  But with the new consoles they are all "developed" from the original source. (the development engine) Then "coded" to function on the specific console. As far as A_trey_U. Don't believe everything you read.

                          I think he just an admin on the forum. Only a handful of you are having trouble with playing games on wii u.

                          Try hardwiring the console, maybe increasing your speed on your internet, having your hardware checked by isp, (modem/router)

                          and porting forward your modem/router. (also maybe removing some of your settings on your modem/router firewall)

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