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    Player gets 99 deaths auto-exploding during Free For All Match. LMAO@hacks!

      I was playing Free For All on Ghosts last night.

      At about 6AM I run into a lobby full of explosions just randomly going off all over the map.

      I never saw the suicide player spawning at all.

      It kept showing his name and letting me know he was being killed by C4 or something.


      The effect was kind of like a mortar strike from a care package going off 24/7 for 10 minutes.

      I won the match and the end scoreboard showed he had 99 deaths.

      I added the guy to my block list and reported him for cheating/exploiting.

      A few people died from his random suicide explosions lmao.


      The hacks, mods and exploits on this game never cease to make me laugh at the Call Of Duty franchise.

      I guess COD needs a new Islamic suicide bomber character as DLC to match this style of gameplay.