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    Quick Killerz Recruiting for Platinum Division!!

      Hey guys, we have just done a member cleanup and are in need of "active" clan members to join our clan.

      We are looking for PS3 and PS4 players.


      Only looking for active clan members who are willing to participate in clan wars and or activities,

      We are level 25 clan with red clan tags and lots of unlocks.


      There is a chance if you get in now you can still earn some stuff before this clan wars is over.

      We have recruited some clan members during clan wars and they are still earning points.


      So if you have a microphone, are very active and a k/d over 1.0 please feel free to add atleast one of the following members:





      Once again, we are looking for ACTIVE clan members.

      Send one of the members a psn message above and title it "want to join" so we can reply to you asap.

      We might do a mini tryout just to see how you play. But nothing major.


      You can also apply in cod app by searching clan name "quick killerz" or clan tags "QKz" or finding one of us and clicking "clan".



      Also, check out our website: http://www.quickkillerz.com/forums