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    What is the One Thing you think is most important for MP in this game to Succeed?

      Before we begin, I am going to concede that I think everyone, even those of us who've not had an issue, would state that connectivity is the most important issue that needs to be addressed. Whether it be through Dedis or just improved Netcode... we'd all like to see it improve and become more consistent. As such, I'd respectfully ask that we assume Connectivity is Ranked First, and leave it out of the conversation.For the sake of this discussion, all else is secondary. We all want Connectivity to improve, so when you discuss your most important element for MP to succeed, we'll consider it actually in second place.


      So, from your perspective as a player, what is the most important element this game needs in order to be be a success for Multiplayer? We see threads every day saying it needs this kind of camo or this gun or that gun... but what core element do you feel has to be there in order for this game to help bring CoD back to it's former glory?


      For me, after playing Ghosts, I think the primary aspect that needs to be addressed is the Spawn System. Let's face it, The game isn't fun to play if you are constantly or persistently dying while spawning. While it is very true that a coordinated team can control the spawns... there is still too may instances of spawns making very little sense, and ruining the tactical aspect of the game. What good is flanking and taking a position if the enemy you just killed is given a revenge spawn behind you?


      Spawns are also still way too predictable, especially in Objective modes. Spawn trapping needs to  become far more difficult to accomplish, and Spawn points shouldn't be so easy to camp. Will it ever be perfect? Probably not, but it can, and must be, improved.


      So... what's yours? Asking for discussion, so politely asking to keep the conversation Civil and productive.

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