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        20. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread. Please add

        And Extinction Casual does not effect Leaderboards

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          21. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

          Chaos Mode: Loading screens need changing to reflect game mode and not full map mission info...bit misleading for new players.

          Chaos Mode: 4xMatched player all the way until the game has started

          ...there was another huge bug I noticed but I forgot for now

          Last Edited: Apr 28, 2014 2:29 AM
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            22. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

            I was playing Chaos mode yesterday and noticed our Hypno Knifed Hunter was affected by a flare. This needs a fix

            And not sure if this is a problem but every time I try to equip my MK32 equalizer it automatically reverts back to my standard weapon (mid-animation). It takes 2-3 attempts usually to have access to my MK32, why?


            ALSO: PLEASE FEATURE THIS THREAD! I find it really helpful in noting problems and to also discover some as well

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              23. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

              That's the point of the challenge

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                24. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                Oh crap! That Engineer + Kraken turrets is a glitch? I thought it was something legit. I've been using it a few times.

                I seriously thought it was a benefit. I know it doesn't say anywhere that you get extra ammo in turrets as an Engineer, but it seemed to make sense that it did. Especially since on Mayday (in my opinion) an Engineer is rubbish.


                So, are we certain this is a glitch/bug of some kind, or is it intended? If it is a glitch, I would definitely like to know so I don't do it again. I hate glitches.

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                  25. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                  Another glitch free morality, yay!

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                    26. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                    On nightfall when entering the factory, the wall to the breeder fight is sometimes open and you can run out but can't get back into the factory. Breeder does not spawn when doing this. Happens occasionally.


                    Also after the final hive is destroyed in the factory on nightfall, the breeder spawns regardless of if you ran out to her or not. Shortly after, the game spawns you out to her. This happens every time. Makes for a good instant death and never getting platinum.

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                      27. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                      One to add, which I have only experienced a few times, all of which were on Nightfall:


                      If you hypno a rhino "too early" whilst it is coming out from the ground, it will fall UNDER the map. You will literally just see it drop down really fast. Most times it has been one of the 3 rhino's in the breeder section, but it has also happened in other areas too. So be careful when you hypno, let it at least get half way out of the ground before turning it.

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                        28. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                        Not sure if it's intentional but on Chaos mode all the aliens in proximity still attack you relentlessly [EDIT] whilst downed [EDIT] if you have a Vulture in operation, this make it near impossible to get revived as sometimes you have 4 Rhinos attacking your downed self.


                        I think it's very unfair on Chaos mode when a Rhino blocks you in a corner and you cannot escape also, this has caused myself a fair few downs as well, not even like I have an exoskeleton to jump over the Rhino that blocks my path ^^

                        Last Edited: May 7, 2014 8:33 AM
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                          29. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                          It literally disappears at the end of the 30 seconds, during that time, we should be able to find it, not have it run to an unshootable spot.

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