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    A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

      This contains a small list of minor changes to MW2 that will improve the overall quality of play in the game, and the longevity of its lifespan for us hardcore fans that still play MW2 religiously.


      Perk Changes

      - Modify 'One Man Army' to no longer replenish explosives (Equipment like C4/Claymores is fine)

      - Change 'Commando' from it's incredible lunge, to something else, maybe reduced explosive damage or something.

      - Reduce the amount of + damage 'Stopping Power' supplies to make it more viable to switch between other teir 2 perks.

      - Keep 'Danger Close' & 'One Man Army'


      Weapon Changes

      - Slightly buff damage to SMG's, excluding the UMP-45.

      and now for the big one;

      - Please remove the ease of 'Quickscoping'. Sure, some people love it, and sure, it's a large chunk of your fanbase that enjoy destroying the game with this terrible form of gameplay, but it really wrecks it for the rest of the players who want to play MW2 PROPERLY. We want to run around with our Akimbo Models, or our AK-47's, hell, some of us even enjoy running around with an AUG once in a while, but nothing is more aggravating then having a killstreak, and series of awesome skill-based events crushed by a player who thinks its 'skillful' to run around and one-shot people with little skill involved.


      Titles and Emblem Changes

      - Remove the spinning skull emblem, all it does is take away the prestige of going to effort to find an awesome title/emblem combination, and as we all know, it is only obtainable by hackers.

      - Reduce the requirement on some of the challenges

        - 200 Enemy care packages for one of the emblems is ludacris

        - even the Sitrep Pro VI requirement of 750 devices being destroyed is kind of nuts.


      Pre-Match Lobbies

      - Add an option to chose previous, next or random map options!



      - Buff the overall performance of the Attack Helicopter

      - Add 'directional' modifications to Harrier Airstrike placement

      - Keep the Nuke @ 25kills, but have it NOT end the game.

      - Reduce kills required to earn an EMP



      - Oh dear god, please remove 'Painkiller' full stop.



      - Add an option to reset stats/levels/ranks/prestiges.

      - It's a big ask I know, but some form of Dedicated servers? (Or improved connection & hosting)

      - Remove a large proportion of under-populated game modes to consolidate players to fewer game modes. This will improve finding lobbies and keeping players in a tight bundle.


      I know this is a massive effort for you guys, and it will take away time that could be spent on new games, but if one of the few Game Dev Companies that work for Activision could do this, it would be outrageously apprecated!


      Thanks guys!


      - Vermitus (Xbox360)

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          Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

          Really needs to happen, it would be a gift from heaven if it happened. Also reduce damage on grenade launcher.

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            Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

            Takes more skill to quick-scope than run around and sweat like an obese child chasing the ice-cream truck, the idea on Pregame Lobbies is a Treyarch thing, not Infinity Ward.
            Nuke is suppose to end the game, it's not a 5 kill-streak to get one, if you have a problem with the games being ended, kill the player.

            There is not a single under-powered SMG, they do not need buffs at all.
            Commando is fine, if someone knifes you, you shouldn't have been docking with them, One Man Army literally gives you the class as if it were brand new, it should replenish everything, so it does, don't cry.

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                Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

                I very much dislike quickscoping and feel it should be discouraged as much as possible by the developers and game mechanics. But not necessarily because I find it to be "OP" or "Cheap" which is what most of the quickscope debates are about. To me it doesnt matter if it is op or cheap. My main problem with quickscoping is it alters the weapon balance and the weapon properties in a way it shouldnt.


                It does take some degree of skill and practice to quickscope, there is no doubt about that. But once someone masters it, they can use it as a viable strategy and even do good using it. I have seen very many skilled and seasoned quickscopers that just rack up the kills. And its the skilled quickscopers that break the gun balance. Sniper Rifles are meant for long range encounters, occasional mid range if the sniper is lucky but for the most part long range. They are the opposite end of the spectrum for Shotguns. But instead with quickscoping they become viable for all ranges especially mid or close range.


                They are no longer confined to their main purpose and instead can be used for a new range set and new niche they were never designed for. For me the equivalent of quickscoping would be like if someone discovered an exploit in the game mechanics or a glitch that allowed shotguns to be used like snipers and kill people hundreds of feet away. Or it would be like someone finding an exploit/glitch that turns assault rifles into shotguns or pistols into explosives on top of there original purposes, etc and so on. It takes the weapons out of their original niche and puts them in a new area where they dont belong and werent designed for.


                It alters the weapon balance and weapon class system in a way that was not originally intended. Sniper Rifles are simply not designed to be 1 hit kill machines withing a 5-15 foot radius. Try "quickscoping" in real life in a combat situation and see how far it gets you. To be honest the only argument I have heard that even semi-justifies quickscoping is that the map design is so close quarters oriented, theres just not many opportunities to snipe like they were originally intended. But instead of that justifying quickscoping, that should instead be directed to map design flaws and the need for map design to be reconsidered.

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                Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

                     Ok, well although your argument and many of your ideas are very well structured and accurate, and i agree with most of your statements, i do not agree with your hatred on quickscopers. Contrary to your belief, quickscoping takes a lot of time to master and get good at. Therefore, they DO take skill.


                      Players that choose to quickscope put themselves at a disadvantage running around with snipers. Especially at short range. In a gunfight at about 20 feet yes, an AR would most likely win against a sniper, and quickscopers put themselves at a crazy disadvantage to run around with a sniper. Even with a more powerful shot, you have an advantage with a rapid fire gun. WIth (most) snipers, its a 1 shot reload type deal. Also if it's true quickscoping, they are technically blind firing. You have almost every single advantage when it comes to short range, unless the quickscoper is a pro.


                     Yes, i agree, it is unbalanced that a weapon designed for long distance engagements can outperform some ARs and SMG's, but its nothing to discourage, ESPECIALLY not in MW2. This is the home of Quickscoping. This game is where FaZe and the rest of the clans took form. Quickscoping will forever be part of this game. You cannot take it out. Mass uprising will be held from a considerable chunk of the CoD fanbase.


                     Infinity Ward does seem to have a lot of nerfs in the newer games they develop. In ghosts, they have almost rendered the snipers useless. MW2 is almost 5 years old now. I highly i doubt they would go back to an older game to push forward a giant patch, and considering that most of the quickscoping clans these days don't like the newer games (due to the sniper nerfs) they resort back to this quickscoping haven. about 45% of the people that still play MW2 are quickscopers, reliving the fun they had in this game. Doing what they are good at. Infinity Ward could care less about this game now. And if they did happen to come out with a massive push, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't eradicate what about half of the fans of the game are there for.


                     Quickscoping will be part of CoD for some time. You might not like it, but it's not going anywhere soon. It's gotten to be a large part of this game. Go try playing the ****-hole called "ghosts" and enjoy the lack of quickscoping. You really cannot do anything about eradicating quickscoping from the game that made it what it is today.



                                                                                                                               Good day, sir.

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                    Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

                    You have a very good point in your counter-argument. I have never quickscoped online, but your statement puts me in a quickscoper's position. I realized that you would be at a extreme disadvantage quickscoping and would take more skill than I thought. I still despise it, but your statement is valid. I suppose the argument between quickscoping will last forever. I will never play that horrible game called "Ghosts". Happy quickscoping gents.






                                                                                                    Good day to you too, sir.

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                        Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

                        Thank you. I'm happy you see my point. I do agree with some of your points about weapon inbalance in the game. Glad this argument didn't escalate into a massive, obscene, thread. Thank you for being polite.


                                                                                                                                       Good day, yet again

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                      Re: A patch to return MW2 to it's former glory.

                      I agree, Call Of Duty 4 is fine without much of the punkbuster updates because it runs off dedicated servers so the players can kick hackers off the servers. Modern Warfare 2 feels like a more downgraded version of Call Of Duty 4 because the hacking is alot more intense, No dedicated servers, No developer console commands, Great loss of old nostalgic players, Angrier community, the list is longer than Call of Duty 4! And yes we do need improvements of patches for weapons and perks. At least dedicated servers so we can fix these problems ourselves. This is why .exe modding programs such as fourdeltaone, and alteriwnet are making attempts on Modern Warfare 2 dedicated servers we want so bad but they were forced to be removed. I don't know if the creators even read these forums because this is the hottest topic today on Modern Warfare 2 about anti-hacking and dedicated servers. Even Steam reviews are not recommending this game anymore because of it. I'm getting sick of this and starting to get my hopes down.

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