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    How to improve Ghosts?

      So I got a couple of suggestions for Infinity Ward how to improve Ghosts:


      -Bring back favorite gamemodes like Headquarters and Demolition (SnD is already returning Nov.15)

      -Add the NEW Grind gamemode in Public Matches! It was showed in the gamemodes trailer.

      -Give us the option to customize the weapons in Infected in Private Matches.

      -Add different weapons in Infected Public

      -Improve the spawn system

      -Nerf Amplify

      -Release a Close Quarter Mappack, (maybe with some Close Quarter Weapons??)

      -If IW is going to release remakes, MAKE THEM FREE

      -Fix bugs

      -Improve the anti-cheat and anti-hacking system

      -Add Party Games like Gungame in Private matches and maybe Public?