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    Devastation DLC causing massive lag and taking longer for match making to find games.


      I downloaded the new Devastation DLC map pack.

      When I try to play Free For All it keeps showing ZERO games found.

      At best it says 1 or 2 games found.


      When I delete ALL the map packs I can find a game perfectly fine and Ghosts runs perfectly smooth.

      When I install the map packs now I can't find games or it takes forever and the game has massive lag all of a sudden.

      It makes the game unplayable sometimes.

      Why is it the new DLC is making the game lag so hard?

      Some of the new maps lag overall in general when I pass thru certain areas as well.


      It sucks that I can't play the content I paid for without the game wanting to give my PS3 an early death due to all the lag and freezing going on.

      Looks like I may have to upgrade to Xbox One sooner than I thought.


      Anyone else having issues with the new DLC or difficulty finding a lobby now?