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        130. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

        I have always felt the fps games should be this way, There was one that was, it had a few attachments and weapons that could only be unlocked once they were found and used and kept for the campaign level they were on.


        Make the high damage weapons, the low skill attachments(thermal, hearbeat etc) be locked until you completed the sp on a certain difficulty and had used it in the sp and kept the weapon with it all the way through that sp chapter. make it challenging enough that a person had to learn to use them properly and effectively..not just be handed it by getting a certain rank in MP..


        earn the rights to the weapons, equipment and attachments,, not just be handed it to you because of a rank that anyone can get just by playing the game for hours on end.

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          131. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

          Not stealing from BF.. it has always been how I felt fps games should be before BF ever done it with its game. Before I ever played BF I have felt this is how games should have been about unlocks. gives more reason to play the sp and not just skip it as most CoD mp players do.

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            132. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

            I've not made any decision yet and I won't until we have MP news, which is probable a few weeks/months away. I'll make my final decision in September when I'll play at EGX.



            Who am I kidding... I'm Charlie Oscar Delta. Just waiting to see who the best pre-order bonuses. codlife

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              133. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

              "You are going to whinge about an auto aim pistol really? LOL."

              It's not whining. Pointing out that a gun which you don't have to aim isn't whining.


              "The ai bots where not meant to be a serious challenge, they were meant to be there just to add in numbers to make it feel like a larger battle than the meager amount CoD ever has in its matches. Again not my or the developers fault if you cannot understand this simple idea."

              Blah blah blah. The ai bots add nothing to the game and just serve to reward scrubs who cannot kill pilots and confuse players into shooting a clueless ai instead of a human player. They don't add anything exciting to the game whatsoever. It's just COD's combat training put into an online environment. If you think that adds anything to the experience than I do feel for you. What definitely would have added to the experience is having more human players on the map instead of useless ai meatshields. What a shocking concept


              "Having fewer game modes does not mean less, or less fun.. you are one that needs lots of things in order for the game to be fun for you, pretty sad really. means you would never do well in racing, fighting, rpg, rts games because they dont offer enough different things for you..again really sad that you limit your fun in such a way by your expectations...."


              Don't even understand what I'm reading here. No having fewer games modes doesn't mean less fun, but it means less options for the consumer and in an ONLINE ONLY game, that is not good for the paying customer. I see you're in denial but if you want proof just look at the Titanfall player count. Out of 24 million people who bought Black Ops II you do realise less than a 3rd ever played an online games? More than 14 million bought the game just to play Zombies/Combat Training/Campaign. You do understand that a ton of people can buy a COD game, enjoy it thoroughly and NEVER touch the multiplayer? But apparently content doesn't matter... Laughable notion.


              "Again wrong,, more does not always equal better in all games. You are just a fancy toy player who needs as much things in the game to keep you busy to validate as being fun or worth the money. A game can have fewere things and be just as fun or better than CoD ever was or ever could be. Guess you never heard of or played Tribes. It is solely a MP game, it has no story and never did. Yet was one of the best fps games for pc for many years. Not every game made needs a hundred different things for it to be worth the money or fun to play.. Jesus the entitlement minde generation is bad.. thinking you have to have everything handed to you in order for the game to be good...That you need as much customization as possible, or dozens of game modes or weapons for it to be fun.. wow.. really...the current generation of players is what is wrong with this game..."


              I actually feel insulted reading this absolute drivel. You think the gamer. The one who wants as much as possible for their money is what is wrong with his game? No sir YOU are what is wrong with the game. You think half finished games like Titanfall are worth full RRP then have the audacity to call out people who enjoy content in their games? Disgraceful. Titanfall; an online only game, with a grand total of FIVE game types and a pathetic excuse for a 'campaign' is what we should be embracing for the future of gaming? Well when COD continues to outsell Titanfall and Battlefield, just like Halo used to do to all other FPSs you can bleat all you want about how those First Person Shooters are 'better', but the market disagrees. If you come at the king you better not miss. Titanfall did exactly that and pointing out nonsensical Metacritic scores doesn't change the fact that Titanfall was not a 'COD Killer'. Thanks for coming and better luck next time respawn.

              "Guess you never had or played games on older consoles where you got what you got, had no dlc, no updates, no expansions, and yet the games were extremely fun to play...sad really that players like you exist that think that a company has to offer you the sun and everything underneath for it be worth any value...you really have no idea what gaming was like, what real gaming was like.."

              No I thoroughly enjoyed all the 'old' games because when those games came out they weren't broken buggy messes like EA's Battlefield for example. They were actually tested before being sent out to the consumer unlike some of the garbage we get today and back then we weren't nickle and dimed for every penny with pointless DLC because there was enough there in the game to begin with. The Timesplitters series was my favourite from the 6th gen era before we went all online, so I don't quite get where you are coming from with your DLC + expansion packs argument. I put tonnes of hours into those games because they offered me hours upon hours of re-playability just like COD does today. Titanfall is the polar opposite.

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                134. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

                Bringing up the fact it has a auto aim pistol is whinning about it. The fact taht you had to point out it had one when just about everyone allready knows that is basically a whine. The fact that you had to mention that when using it you dont have to aim is a whine no matter how you try and word it. Again guess you never played other games with such things as well and those games were still considered fun and competitive by those that played them.. oh another fact, all games in cod have a bit of auto aim on them, in fact all online fps games do even when turned off via the game the console itself does it and there are some aspects of it that cannot be disabled by the very fact of how the game works online on console. the only fps games that do not have any auto aim unless added in by a mod or by design like section 8 is pc games.


                The bots where not meant to add a lot to the game and no theyh are not just for scrubs.. they were meant to add to the level of depth of the game by making it seem like a battle and not just a little scrimage like Cod is. the fact that you cannot see what it adds is your problem not mine., Not everything in a game is meant to be a challenge all the time. Having more players does not always make the game better when most players are no better than than the ai bots to begin with and are just meat shields in CoD as well. The avreage CoD player is nothing more than a meat sheild for the skilled players. Not my problem if you cannot see that or understand that. So having more players would not have necessarily made it better..


                Not every game even if online only has to have lots of game modes to make it of value or fun to play.. You are just an entilement minde person who thinks you have to have more in order for it to be of value. More options is not always a good thing, or a better thing nor does it make game better by having them in all situations, not my problem if you cannot understnad this simple idea. Giving someone 20 options over 10 does not make it better. I guess you never heard or understood the saying 'less is more'. Less better content is far better than more useless content taht cod tries to put out each year and then claims its better because of it.


                Your numbers of it being less than a 3rd ever playing it online is total drivel.. you are just making up facts that you have no truth to support. Not every game has to have added content, have a sp, have something other than mp for there are those taht play and buy just for that alone. Guess you never played defiance either.. a game that is online only and cannot even be played offline at all, same wtih warface, wow, eve online, guild wars and many other games have adopted for their design and will continue to do so no matter if players like you do not like it. Oh and zombies when played with other people is online..unless splitscreening at home and not many really did that with zombies.


                You are the one spouting drivel about the fact that a game that did not have as much content as YOU wanted being less value.No matter if you like it or not, it is the direction the gaming industry is going and will continue to go no matter what you say about it on any forum ever. CoD is not the king of fps it is just the most over hyped fps so more buy it because of that fact than realize later what garbage it can be after it plays the same for several titles in a row.


                LOL.. the older games were not buggy? What a laugh, Goldeneye had many bugs, so did many of the other fps games, where clipping and glitching was ramapant and would never be fixed becuase there was no patches for them.


                Actualy tested before release.. no more than current games are today. I played several games on older consoles that were completely broken..so no they were not always better. I have been playing games since the very first video games on the very first console ever out.. bet you cannot even name it or who made it,.so yeah do know what I am talking about when it comes to the older consonles before the n64 or playstation 2.


                CoD sp has no replayability at all. CoD extinction has no replayability at all. CoD MP once master prestige has no replayability at all.. for once yoy have beat them, there is no reason to continue playing once you have done everything the game has to offer.. so hmm.. Cod is no better than any other game really.


                Continue to try and defend CoD all you want the truth is known by the players that played it moved on to better games.

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                  135. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

                  I've added the GameInformer interview that was released yesterday. Glen and Michael are giving me the confidence that they can deliver a truly awesome single player experience.

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                    136. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

                    I'm glad to hear they still want it to have that call of duty feel.  Now I'm just waiting on some multiplayer gameplay before I pre-order.

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                      137. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

                      Don't pre-order, really don't....


                      Don't contribute to the problem that is low quality content and games, just wait it out, watch the game on release and see how it rolls, and reward the quality with money... but don't preorder and let activision see you're willing to buy.. well anything.

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                        138. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

                        I can pre order 1 day before it comes out from game stop

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                          139. Re: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

                          Treyarch maybe doing that - we can only hope.

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