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        50. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

        WiimotesRus02 wrote:


        barolb wrote:


        In the past 5 years I only ever joined 2 clans, but quit both of them. One was made by a friend, and was actually quite large, but it became defunct after a couple months. The other was actually the Save sniping clan, but quit after a month as I joined to try it out and see what it was like... And it was boring. I was also a honorary member to several clans


        Still, during MWR and Black Ops Wii I would consistently play together with others. Almost every time I would go online I would play together with friends, and while it was fun while it lasted, many of them had real life situations to look after and among other things. I didn't have to deal with it so much until my final year of high school, thankfully. Still, apart of that main group of people I use to play with, not a single one of them plays the series anymore. One is currently working and kind of in trouble money wise; another is working; another is working at his family's shop; another is helping out his family; another is playing PC indie games; and the other 2 are right now preparing to go to university. Me?


        After screwing around for 2.5 years at my university I want to hurry up and graduate and get a move on with things. No matter how I see it, that time has long since passed for me. It all stopped around MW3's era.

        I joined my first clan 4 years ago, and it used to be a huge clan with players that were good but played on a casual basis. Rule number 1, have fun. We got to know each other over the years and in some cases became good friends, but sadly things changed, they got more competitive and with connections getting screwy on the WiiU between US and euro players it became less and less fun. But if it wasn't for those early days I would have quit gaming years ago, I get bored easy and I would have done something else, it was playing with good people that kept me there, and that's whats happened again, a few weeks ago I met a good bunch of players, we have private knife matches and stuff, sometimes doing it in public matches too with randoms catching on and joining in, its all fun again. So I quit the old clan and moved on. The CoD series just isn't good enough on its own to keep me playing as often as I do, but the people I game with..

        My problem is that I don't feel like I can properly settle down and play with an entirely different group of players again. I have done it several times already, but I haven't been able to do it adequately to where I can both completely enjoy the company of those around me, while also enjoying the video game its self. Being unable to enjoy the video game its self has very much so impacted my ability to also properly enjoy the company of others. If the game its self is taken out of the equation, I enjoy the company of others much more than I do while playing it. After all, it just brings me into a sour mood, and that is something I wish to cut out from my life as much as possible.


        This is why I still visit the forums every now and again despite having stopped playing the series

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          51. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

          Stop it.  You're making me consider buying Ghosts lol


          But it seems like you're like me.  I spent ages working to push my ping down low and optimize my entire network.  It was reliable, solid, responsive and smooth.  I can get very tuned to the delay/lag and can work around it.  With BO1 I always found that if I had a bit of delay or struggle shooting somebody, you could bet that they had the same issue with me - the winner was the one who figured it out and adapted first.  It was more consistent and fair and pretty much everybody from anywhere could have a more fair chance against anybody else.


          With MW3 I found that it was getting a bit inconsistent.  It would sometimes feel "odd" and not work right.  Other times it worked ok.  The cheating was too far out of control and if there was a netcode issue then it just wasn't worth it, so, I went back to BO1.


          BO2 was and still is just...stupid.  I've done all sorts of testing myself and found that you can tweak it back in the lobby dependant on who was waiting in the lobby and what their connection was like.  I just really couldn't be bothered doing it and instead just adapted during play.  I wasn't about to waste my time racing between matches to prepare for the next one as people drop out or drop in.


          But everything in your post I 1000% agree with.  There needs to be a standard that they adhere to.  Netcode, controller settings, volume options, generic settings.  When it works, why try to fix it?  Things like gameplay, the way streaks are awarded, the era/region/whatever that the game is set in...yeah, they need to switch it up.  But these essential, important parts of the core game code need to have a standard and they need to work.


          I remember tweaking the Wiimote when I briefly played MW3 and found it to be silky.  Ghosts is like that?  I can do very well with the Wiimote in BO2 and get around all the niggly problems, but having full control feels amazing.

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            52. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

            FaclonPower98 wrote:


            Apparently COD Ghosts was announced when it was because they need Nintendo's approval.

            So it was Nintendo's fault I think. That's only what I heard in a Youtube video though.

            I guess it's possible that Nintendo would need to approve the code to ensure that it doesn't potentially do something that could damage the system.  They do it for patches and did it during the Wii.  But that would include all games and updates.  Other titles could release just fine except for the likes of CoD.  What irks me is that we, the general consumer, will never really know what is going on.  Gotta take any rumors that youtubers are talking about with a bucket of salt, though.  I like to work on facts and numbers...with a little faith.


            FaclonPower98 wrote:


            I agree with your analysis although I would presume 3rd party developers who develop for WiiU are not putting the effort in to bring all the latest patches and DLC because of low demand for them. At the moment more people are being turned off on games like Call of Duty for the WiiU or any other game that has DLC on offer. E.G- Assassins Creed because of lack of support but that just results in an even lower demand for them than there is already. So rather than a Win/Win situation, it's more like a Lose/Lose situation because developers are unhappy about them wasting time on a WiiU version of their game, only for it to be sold to a lesser audience because of some people being turned off and players are angry because of the inequality. At the moment it's the complete opposite of a Win/Win situation but as you said there can only be speculation and conjecture for the future.


            Lol there was actually a rumour once that Nintendo were making a Mario game for PSVita. It's because Sony thought they could help each other out as they both have systems that are not doing too well. They wanted Nintendo to make a mario game for the Vita to boost sales and Sony would port three games to WiiU.


            I wish I could be as optimistic about WiiU as you regarding games boosting WiiU sales but I just can't see that happening and I'll explain why. Every week when sales for all consoles are posted, it shows that consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One are outselling WiiU week after week and PS4 sales have overtaken WiiU lifetime sales in a matter of only 6 months. As for Xbox One, it makes me wonder what sales would be like if XB1 and WiiU had been released around the same time considering weekly sales. Another reason for my lack of faith in the WiiU, is Nintendo's financial's reports. They are reporting loss due to the sales of the WiiU hardware and have had to lower sales target estimates for WiiU. Furthermore, I have noticed a peculiar pattern going around. Because of WiiU sales, the fans have alot of belief in general that once 1st party titles are released they will help WiiU increase sales by massive amounts but games like Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD and other exclusives that have released have only boosted WiiU sales significantly and overall haven't changed WiiU's situation too much. Because this pattern of sayings being made by Nintendo fans, it makes me wonder, could they actually be right about Mario Kart 8? I mean not many people I know play Nintendo ANYMORE, but they used to own and play Mario Kart so who's to tell however I doubt Smash Bros will have a big effect. Regardless of the hype for the game and optimism for it to shift massive amounts of WiiU units, it's only really a title that appeals to Nintendo gamers alone.


            Haha thanks but what about you? Are you just with Nintendo or do you play other consoles and games?

            Yeah, it's a bit of a vicious cycle right now.  Low quality = less demand = low quality = less demand.  It needs gamers to take a leap of faith and show support at initial expense for them to coax back full titles, or for publishers/developers to take a leap (or gamble) and provide the full experience.  It's that first step...  But it could make or break the situation if consumers are far to hesitant to initially believe lol  Man, it sucks.


            I actually think I may have heard that rumor or something similar lmao.  It made me laugh to think that it could be possible.  It would be like a Sega character ending up on other platforms....oh...wait...

            I guess that is just a unique situation though, given the circumstances that Sega encountered.  And it's a shame for them, too   I can't see any others releasing the iron grip that they have on their mascots.


            I gotta agree with a lot of your final paragraph, too.  The big 1st party titles are gold and can really sell...but only when they market the damn things.  Nintendo made a lot of mistakes, I humbly admit.  Marketing was...well, WHAT marketing?  While the power of the console is adequate for the magic that Nintendo always create...what about the other development studios?  This is where Sony did the right thing with approaching studios to get them to help re-design the controller.  While I am happy with the capabilities of the system, I can't help but imagine what adding just a little more oomph would have done.  It would make it just that little easier for ports without needing the kind of refinement that Nintendo always aims for and help satisfy them all a little more.  You know, give more wriggle room.  Some have said that they need to ditch Iwata.  While I don't entirely agree, I do think that Nintendo needs some young blood to spearhead the way that they operate.  They have not long ago announced that they need to get with the times and let go of older traditions, so things look very promising.


            I guess only time will tell if MK8 can do what Nintendo and fans are hoping.  I think that it has a great chance to, but only when done right.  They got plenty of fund to keep them going for a long long time and the Wii U now is no longer selling at a loss.  I heard that Sony is struggling with finances but doing fantastic on the console front.  Not entirely sure of the situation with Microsoft, but they seem to be doing ok except for some peoples unhappiness with Kinect and micro-transactions, etc.


            I'm a big fan of gaming in general.  While I don't buy the handheld consoles (more of a home console guy), I have enjoyed every home console from Nintendo.  I've also enjoyed gaming on the Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, original Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox360 and have a modest gaming PC with a Steam account.  I've not had a chance to try out the X1 or PS4 due to time and money   But my household has always had multiple consoles of multiple platforms over the years and always will.  I tend to lean more to Nintendo for the majority of my gaming, though.  More of a personal preference than anything.  Love FPS with Wiimote, a nerd for Zelda, etc.  But I'm a big advocate of all platforms and want to see them all do well.  It is what helps drive a healthy, competitive market, after all

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              53. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

              I thought that save would probably be one of the more fun clans out of the 3 main WiiU sniping clans. Im actually trying to join them right now through their RC haha

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                54. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

                To be honest, I definitely got a fair number of clips on Black Ops Wii because I joined their clan for that month trial. The idea of being in a clan and wanting to contribute definitely helped with getting clips, but because of that I became nervous and unable to get headshot feeds like I did previously (Do note that my use of the words "clips" is not the same as what the Save clan's standards for clips are). However, for many reasons besides it being boring for me, I left. It being boring was probably the main reason though. I was a second year university student, and the majority of members were much younger than me, still in middle school or just beginning highschool, so it kind of felt odd with communicating and in a way I couldn't really assimilate with the clan, which I believe was because of the age gap and me just not feeling like I can or should do so. I have a decent number of friends who are a bit younger than me, but those friends are actually now finishing highschool or are starting university. I don't really talk (not write, but talk) with anyone who is that much younger than me. I just couldn't fit in.


                Unless something has changed since I left, if you are a Wii Remote player then you may have a more difficult time. Save has seemingly, even since the Black Ops Wii/MW3 days, been CCP oriented. Almost all members mainly use the CCP. When I joined, I was technically the only *active* Wii Remote player in the clan. I won't say not to go for it, as I still believe Save will become a very popular clan, even more so than they are right now and in the future, but they are a bit unrealistic with their Wii Remote requirements. I thought so even though there were some players who met them on the Wii (Newman and Scotty), but on the Wii U those requirements can clearly not be met, at least not in Black Ops 2, and likely not in Ghosts either. They sort-of can be, but the time spent working at it is not worth it. If you use stick controllers, then you are on equal grounds with the clan its self, and the players also trying for this recruitment challenge too.



                Just my opinion though. I have come to terms that this won't entirely matter in a few years time as the Wii Remote will die out eventually, but Wii Remote sniping in FPS games will die out much sooner, if it hasn't died out already.

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                  55. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

                  You said it in one. "Low quality =less demand =low quality= less demand. I think it's the developers that need to take the first step, because if they show they are willing to support the WiiU by providing us with the full experience and latest patches, this will regain the trust of the people who turned away for that exact reason. Only then will it become a Win/Win situation. Good Quality = More Demand = Better quality = More demand. With Call of Duty, Treyarch should have taken that gamble to provide us with the full experience to see how things workout considering BO2 was the first COD to arrive on WiiU. After all, the players that turned their backs, wouldn't have turned their backs and this could of possibly influenced other WiiU owners to purchase the game who didn't already have it or encourage at least the existing players to play it more. I mean one night on Black Ops 2, I saw near enough 4,000 players online. No lie, but that was only a one off but player numbers did significantly increase when double xp was live. Fresh map content would of surely influenced this too and map packs don't last for only a weekend once you've bought them so this could of also influenced players to play the game on a more regular basis. I mean lately on Youtube, some WiiU gamers have returned to playing Wii online games because of the servers shutting down but as soon as they heard that the WiiU got the free downloadable map Free Fall, they returned to the game just to play it. Just for that little piece of extra content, 1 map. Imagine what more could do.


                  Yeah, another thing about the rumour said that Sony was bringing Nintendo gifts too? I actually think they should of done it though, Sony wanted to help each other out. When I first read this rumour, I thought Sony and Nintendo might be friends more than rivals. That's Nintendo's problem though, they don't make any efforts to make deals and make friends with developers and all that. Maybe if they did that, they would get more support from devs. But come on, that would have three more games added to the WiiU's library and the WiiU needs all the games it can get with major 3rd party developers and publishers not supporting it such as Konami, Rockstar, EA and lack of support from Activision. Even Ubisoft are slowing down support, some games they showed at E3 last year are not confirmed for WiiU.  Nintendo only make deals with Sega. Heck Sonic is so closely related to Nintendo platforms, I feel like he's part of Nintendo's mascots lol.


                  Well there is a substantial lack of marketing however here in the UK I remember during the X Factor ad breaks a Super Mario 3D World advert was constantly being shown and the X Factor is watched by 7-8 million viewers every year it's on. If that was the case which it probably was, all those people would of seen the advert but here in the UK WiiU sales are appalling. Very early in PS4 and Xbox One's launch they overtook lifetime WiiU sales in the UK because sales stood at a mere 150,000 units. What does this show? It shows that people simply don't want one which is not good at all. And what bugs me even more, some people act like Nintendo don't even exist and I'd hate to see Nintendo become irrelevant because like Sony said, we need Nintendo to cater for the casual market otherwise we will see 5 year old kids migrating to Call of Duty lol. Sony did a good job behind the PS4 controller but it's not perfect. For starters, the thumb sticks wear out and I've seen this on the controller in my local game shop and even my friend has the problem. I also heard the blue light on the controllers being on all the time sucks up the battery life on the controller quicker. Yeah definitely, a more powerful WiiU would of certainly made the console more appealing to developers but have you heard the rumours of the Fusion DS and Terminal? (aka Nintendo's next consoles). There also seems to be a few specs listed and it seems to be quite powerful. I don't think Iwata should be fired, after all the 3DS was a success but to some people who are just not interested in WiiU, no matter what games release, they will not want one. Iwata can't do anything about some people just not wanting a WiiU straightforward. It's like playstation fans. Some fans just outright don't want an Xbox and vice versa, everyone has different opinions. I don't know what they expect Iwata to do, if someone doesn't want something, they don't want it. It's just like an estate agent trying to sell someone a house they just don't want. They don't have to necessarily let go of old traditions and all that, but just add more to the table.


                  Yeah Nintendo have enough money in the bank to last them until the year 2052 I believe. Also Sony are in financial troubles. They have sold off buildings, let employees go and because they ceased production of their laptops they are predicted to lose several billion yen this year. I don't know about Microsoft, but considering they just bought Nokia's phone division I wouldn't assume they are in financial troubles.


                  What don't you like about handhelds? The 3DS has some great games! So you like Zelda? I presume you have Wind Waker HD on WiiU. I wanted to buy Wind Waker but there's so many other games but I'm going to pick Wind Waker as my free download for purchasing and registering Mario Kart 8 on club nintendo. But surely you would want a 3DS to play a Link between worlds and Ocarina of Time 3D?  Money and Time. - Something we wish we could all have more of but do you ever plan on purchasing a new console any time soon?

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                    56. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

                    Im usually a DA player, but none of my clips are up to standards with the clips they use though. I think I would like the idea of being in, more than actually being in

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                      57. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare


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                        58. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

                        How do you explain Black Ops 2 and Ghosts for the Wii U, apparently not everybody thinks like you. All they can do is to put it out there and hope for the best. It's not like they spend a lot of money on the Wii U version, unsold retail copies of the game for the Wii U sit on the shelf in the store right next to unsold copies of the game for other consoles.

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                          59. Re: Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

                          Your first paragraph is entirely true.  Can't fault you on any of that.  And I think you're right; it would really come down to the developers/publishers to take that first step.  Too many games that are gimped or cut out from the perks on other consoles have soured things for Wii U gamers.  I frequently see so many people saying in the comment sections of websites that they are passing on so and so game after it is announced that it will be missing MP, or any of the other numerous details that seem to be lost when they bring it to the Wii U.  Provide the content and they will get the sales.  I just really really hope that, if they do this and truly provide the full experience, that Wii U gamers join the leap and are not held back by previous let downs.  Rocky situation, but possible to pull off.


                          It does look like Sonic has found his home with Nintendo lol  And it's almost surreal when looking at the cut-throat rivalry that Nintendo and Sega used to have!  It's great to see it, though.  I'm not entirely convinced by the "big three" (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) joining forces so closely.  Having occasional collaborations will truly show respect and support for one another but it is still important that they remain competitive.  I'm not talking about the kind of competition that drives fan-boys to hate on each other, but the healthy kind where each are looking for that next big thing and drawing inspiration from each other.  Getting too close might blur things too much and lose that "stable three".  It is better to have the 3 primary companies close, yet independently strong for the better of us gamers.  I am most likely looking to far into the extreme here, lol, but we've seen in the past how multiple large corporations merging together can screw us consumers.  Close, yet competitive.  I'd love to see some random collaboration in celebration of gaming, though.  Can't see it happening...yet back in the day we would have never imagined Sonic on a Nintendo console


                          Full 3rd party support would be a big factor in gaining Wii U sales.  They are late with any and all marketing and hope that they finally pull it together with that, but some gamers may just want one platform to buy.  They may be the more casual type of gamer or maybe don't have the funds or time to be multi-platorm, which is a shame.

                          But I think that is one of the bigger factors in what is choking the Wii U.  While Nintendo have their 1st party titles, they are not always for everybody.  This is where 3rd party support is paramount to fulfilling the potential needs of all gamers.  The Wii U has some fantastic indie games and there are more to come, but the big AAA 3rd party games have a crucial role to play in getting a consumer to buy a platform.


                          I haven't had a chance to hold the PS4 controller but got the initial impression that they nailed it good, especially after consulting with development studios to try to give what the gamers want   I'll have to have a quick look into that.  I'm surprised.


                          Oh, I've heard all about the Fusion Terminal and even looked deeply into the rumored specs of the system.  It really does scream of being a truly powerful setup.  I have my doubts about it, though.  Some big doubts, in fact.  I seem to remember one of the storage mediums being holographic memory...  I do know that Nintendo did make a partnership or purchase into holographic storage but can't see them using it JUST yet.  Would make it far to expensive.  The rest of the specs, while looking pricey for today, could be easily possible in the next 4-5 years - a time where a new console would be on the horizon.


                          It's not that I dislike the handhelds, it's mainly that I like to designate a time and area where I can escape into which ever world of game I am currently playing.  Having a handheld would make it all to easy for me to carry around and get caught up with gaming lol  So, it's really part restriction and part preference.  I've seen the games and features that are on the 3DS and soooo want one.  But it would swallow too much of my time   Gotta be strong.  I so want to play A Link Between Worlds, though.  Not totally sure about Ocarina of Time, since I think I prefer the original and iconic feel of the original on the N64.


                          And, yep, I got Wind Waker HD lol  I had the original game on the Gamecube and was surprised at how much I fell in love with it.  I was kinda skeptical about the graphical style of it, but after sitting down with it...it totally works.  Playing it again after so long felt so good, especially after how it uses the Gamepad!  Navigation, item usage and storage, everything.  It took a great game and made it feel better, showing off some potential uses of the Gamepad, to boot.  Nintendo have said that they are bringing software that will highlight and promote the Gamepad to a fuller extent, so I can only imagine how good things could get.  With that, I totally recommend getting it as your free download.  I loved it back then, I love it more now.


                          Amen to money and time.  A new console isn't in the cards for me at the moment.  I've already got a library of games that I need to polish off (kinda OCD about that lol) and time is a comodity I have less of than I used to.  Likely in the future though, time and money willing xD

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