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        50. Re: IED's are OP

        The IED doesn't need to be nerfed.  There are sufficient countermeasures available.  Slow down and move more tactically and you won't need a perk to defeat the IED.  Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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          51. Re: IED's are OP

          you move slow you get killed by the enemy you move fast you get killed by an ied and im talking about this from a pure hardcore standpoint and in that stand point the IED's range is ridiculous and is not useless when i use one i get the majority of my kills from it just tossing them randomly throughout a map they arnt over powered but like i said their range needs to be brought in a bit

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            52. Re: IED's are OP

            I do not intend to sound elitist, but I have played World at War, and the Bouncing Betties are far worse than the IEDs, and I did just fine using either Sitrep. or Blast Shield. Hell, I usually knew where they'd be planted anyways, people tend to not be very creative with landmines.

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              53. Re: IED's are OP

              That's simply untrue I have many times entered a room to hear the beep I back out and press against the wall clearly within blast radius still and I survive.  i tend to throw them on ceilings or walls with power boxes so they blend in I think your not seeing were the IED is located if your killed through walls because thats a blantant lie.  I can often back away after hearing the beep start and survive in both core and hardcore.  IED's kill as they are intended to and mecause a lot of players are run and gun types like most of COD games were developed for they have a hard time with them.  simply slow down and you'll almost never get killed by and IED. sit-rep is one the best perks in game it shows where enemies are or where they were a few seconds ago.  I can't count how many times I've seen an IED, Satcom, or Motion sensor appear a little ways and I move to that position to get multiple kills.  good luck and I'll be feeding you IED's all day!

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                54. Re: IED's are OP

                you cant outrun them on hard core though or back against a wall trust me i know i know what to look for and where the most logical place would be to put them that is a very untrue now on core that is possible ive done that but it is just not possible on hard core

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                  55. Re: IED's are OP

                  Haha. They added / kept a lot of things which only aggravate players, IMS/IED/Dog (martyr-dog). I'm not a fan.

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                    56. Re: IED's are OP

                    I don't think the IEDs are overpowered.


                    They flash.

                    They beep.

                    They can be seen with SITREP.

                    They can be deflected with Blast Shield.

                    They can be run past with Agility.

                    They can be jumped over with timing.


                    How much more help do you guys need?


                    Now you HC guys I can understand...

                    But I think really they should only increase the beeping distance to give you a chance to avoid the blast radius to offset your lower health in HC.

                    Other than that, it's an IED and is still going to do it's job.

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                      57. Re: IED's are OP

                      I don't think the ied is overpowered, but they're annoying I don't think they belong in the game either. I wouldn't mind if infinity ward nerfed the ied and permanently banned everyone who likes to hide behind them.

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                        58. Re: IED's are OP

                        Not going to ever happen. they are not going to ban players for using the ied in one of the ways it is meant to be used. And it has been nerfed already is not op at all. infact it is nearly useless because of the nerf to it.

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