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    Looking for a clan PS3

      II'm looking for a Clan To play with. I like to play for fun don't really care about a k/d I just want some fun people to play with.


      Add me: iSpitOnSmutts

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          Re: Looking for a clan PS3

          Still looking for a clan?

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            Re: Looking for a clan PS3

            Took some time off but we're back!

            Here's our recruitment thread, bro:

            We're a group of guys that just get on to have a good time, laugh, have a few deinks, and crack a few jokes. We just wanna have an all around good time. F*** clan wars. We all have lives so when we get on we want it to be enjoyable and a fun expiriernce for our members. We don't want to waste time having clan practices and spending hours on callouts like a bunch of other losers do. We want guys who aren't afraid to talk and be themselves. We want guys who can take jokes and make them just as good. Last of All, we want guys who want to be a part of this family that we're creating. We have a website and a YT Channel on the way and we want you to be a part of this, with us.


            AGE 16+

            Have a Mic

            Be Respectful


            Must be in US or Canada

            Add JaxtonUFC if you're interested for Ps3

            Add Scottie2hottie48 if you're interested for Ps4

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