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    Have Just one Question About DLC's?

      I Was thinking to Buy the DeVastation DLC on my PS4 but I wan't to know if I go to my PS3 could I downloaded on my PS3 as well Without paying more money  That is my only Quetion. Ahh and I did the cross game before I payed 10 dollars to have the game on both consoles

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          I'll chime in on this one.


          If you purchased the season pass on either console, it is cross platform so you can download all the DLC maps and play them on both consoles. I do this with me and my nephew, who has the PS3 version of Ghost.


          If you purchase the map pack by itself, you can only play it on the console that you purchased it on. If you purchase it on PS4, it won't show up on your PS3 and vice versa.