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    What if perks were pieces of armor that alter your character's appearance?

      What if the perks were actually pieces of armor that shows itself on each character, thus letting the enemy be aware of what perks you have equipped.  They did this in Black Ops 1 via the blue perks, but I figure it should be applied with any perk.  However, depending on which perks a player equips, the effects will be directed towards specific parts of the body. 

      Please Note:  Just like in Ghosts, a player has a choice to equip any number of perks within the same tier.  This allows for more freedom of choice without restriction


      For example:



      • Flak Jacket - a pair of sappy plates on the chest
      • Fast Regen - A few tubes running along the player's sides



      • Fast Weapon Swap - Mechanical rods on the outer arms
      • Sticky Palms (allows a player to climb anywhere without a ladder) - Those silver looking grips on the palms like in the trailer



      • Marathon - A pair of mechanical rods on the outer legs
      • Lightweight - A pair of tubes running into the legs to inject enhancing steroids of some sort.


      Entire Body (head, back, shoulders)

      • Off the Grid - A hood with a cloak
      • Blind Eye - A small satellite resting along the player's pack