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    [PS3] [PS4] [XBOX] [EU] [xPxL] PixelEnemyz Lvl 25 clan recruiting for DD (37th)

      [PS3] [PS4] [EU] [xPxL] PixelEnemyz recruiting to play COD Ghost, join us now!!

      PixelEnemyz [xPxL] Now recruiting mature, active EU members. Level 25 PSN clan, currently playing in Diamond Division - 6/6 Platinum Division wins - 4/4 Diamond Division wins.

      PixelEnemyz [xPxL] is a competitive European PSN clan with a dynamic and vibrant community.

      We are currently recruiting and are on the lookout for mature, active and motivate EUROPEAN players on PS3 & PS4 that will contribute in Diamond Division (European time zone) clan wars every 2 weeks, on weekends from 7 pm to 11 pm UK time.

      Also, we are looking to integrate an pre-existing ACTIVE EU Xbox clan to our clan that would be playing in the European time zone.


      Requirements :

      • Must be available to play the FULL clan wars to remain in the clan
      • Must be European player
      • Must have a 1.30 KDR or higher
      • Preferably own a mic
      • Must be motivated, available and a team player


      Come check us out and apply on our website  : www.pixelenemyz.com

      Or on the Ghost App by searching : Pixelenemyz

      Or on twitter : @Pixelenemyz