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        410. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

        FaclonPower98 wrote:


        The speed test video I linked you to IS definite proof that the Xbox One loads up Call of Duty Ghosts faster. And that is not displaying a 2 minute boot up is it? Like you're claiming.

        I said SOMETIMES COD ghost can take 2 minutes to load up not everytime.

        Also the video was uploaded on the 22nd November 2013 so tell me, did either of the consoles have updates that significantly affected the results?


        As for the results that you posted, again it's a question that you asked, what was the last update each one had? By the time these results could have been taken either console could have had updates that affected the outcome of the results?

        So where are the specifics of that!

        Where are the specifics of your video ? They arent there either so your video isnt actually proof either. As I said results dont come out in my video the same as yours . Thata a shown fact.

        So if my video isnt proof enough neither is yours. So dont act like yours is more important than mine. All I stated is that the video I posted differs from their results so ONE of those videos the "rocket scientists" didnt cover all the bases.

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          411. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

          FaclonPower98 wrote:


          You claim that the Xbox One does not turn on after the problem occurs and you have switched off the console. Do you seriously think every single video of people with their broken disc drives is recorded when they first ever had the problem?!

          Fix Xbox One Blu-Ray Grinding - YouTube

          Well he turned the Xbox off and turned it back on. He may of fixed it by then but his xbox was faulty originally. He didn't have to send it in or anything, it just came back on.


          Actually if you watched his whole video he said that what he did was not a permanent fix and that you still would have to send it in for repair. All he did was restart it but AGAIN (for the hundreth time) you have no idea whether or not he sent it in because he didnt discuss. You are speculating again.

          So that kind of is proof that someone turned off his faulty xbox and it came back on. And that fix didn't work for everyone..if youtube comments are anything to go by.

          "If either side cant prove anything then the subject is dead." I find it funny how you tried to prove that the Xbox doesn't turn on again once the problem occurs then you go on to say this. Now when you reply, you could go on to try and prove me wrong, but considering what you said in that quote, don't try to prove otherwise.

          Microsoft are not telling you to spend more money if you received a faulty Xbox. They will fix it for free. Only if you want a faster service it's not. But at the end of the day, if you want it fixed they will do it for free. Your trying to make it look like if your Xbox is broken they won't fix it for free, when infact they will.


          See my post about shipping, etc .

          No that quote I made from EJKHunter does relate to the discussion because it's related to the point that noticing more xbox one's failing is more apparent due to a smaller install base.

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            412. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

            FaclonPower98 wrote:


            Yes with your links you can see the source of where they came from but no evidence. With the picture I posted there is evidence but no source of information. But at the end of the day they are both hearsay because we haven't witnessed either of the things we've linked to each other. The only things that are valid are the Youtube videos.

            Lets just leave it at that.

            After 25 pages of arguing its fact NOW you say its not valid ? Must be because someone asked you to prove where your "reddit link" came from and you know that the picture taken was by you.


            Its already been said that all this arguing is meaningless because the Original Post never ask nor did it mention about any other consoles than the 360 vs the ONE. There was no mention in the OPs post about and Sony Console.


            As I already said once before and others have too Gotsomestars took it off topic by mentioning the PSW4 was a better gaming machine , then FACT that you went on a tirade after that by bringing in stuff that also happens on the ONE, this includes XBL problems lag and controllers while you (for 40 pages) tried to avoid that things like that happen to the ONE as well as your entire anti Sony tirade. What you posted isnt going to change the mind of people especially when at twice as many people are buying the PS4. (See Amazon Source)


            Walmart dot com

            PS4 reviews = 234

            One reviews = 92



            PS4  = 23

            Xbox = 3



            PS4 rating 8.4 with 423 reveiws

            ONE rating 7.0 with 4 reviews (there was refurbished console with a 6.7 rating and 3 reviews)


            Best buy

            PS4 a 4.7 with 7000 reviews

            ONE a 4.6 with 3000 reviews.


            So far 5 different sellers with reviews . It doesnt look like the ONE is doing any good just in your own mind.

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              413. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

              In a way it was still nice chatting but after seeing Maccabi get banned for bringing up problems in this forum and seeing Reps fishing for areas to mark incorrect answers as correct, etc, etc. Its been brought up in private discussion.


              My Stats and Rank were reset this morning for no reason...


              Like the response there. This forum has really gone to hell. Including the way it is or is not enforced, take your pick.



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                414. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                i just got out the field today as I preordered it already for the $399 price. I keep hearing about Titan fall but I don't think I will buy ghost on the One

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                  415. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......


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