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        60. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

        He's just mad because his crutch was balanced. LOL!

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          61. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

          One reason HD and Cranked aren't popular is because people camped in those too - which really pissed off the rushers in those modes.

          Add that to a fractured playlist with most people only playing TDM and Dom and no wonder no-one plays anything else.

          People don't play the game-modes as intended generally anyway so why even bother.

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            62. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

            Heavy duty was buffed health, which gave high ROF weapons an advantage. There was no intended way of playing it. If they wanted to have an intended play style they would have had an SMG only game mode. Did you actually believe the intent was to have snipers constantly running, especially with QS nerfed?


            Cranked was something run and gunners whined for.


            So was nerfed IED, MSBS, sniper rifles, amplify, increasing cost for OTG and  Incog (it was suppose to cost 2 originally), buffed SMG and dead silence. That's what happens when the developers listen to a small group of crybabies for 7 months.


            As far as fractured play lists how is that even relevant. All playlist have to deal with it. And if most wanted to play Heavy Duty it would have been more popular that the pathetic numbers that actually did.  

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              63. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

              Fractured playlist are always relevant to games that have such a low playercount per console.

              If you want to play in a half decent lobby with moderate ping you have to play a gamemode that has high playercounts or you chances of playing against someone far from you are increased significantly leading to a poor gaming experience.

              Hence people will sacrifice their preferred gamemode for a decent connection.


              Don't know where the constantly running QS snipers comes into it but what the community was whining about was a gamemode that was intended for rushing - they did not specify that they wanted Cranked or HD.

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                64. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

                This won't be last nerf IW unnecessarily apply.. By the time AW is out, it might even be a completely rebalanced game.

                IW doesn't test anything out before applying either a buff or a nerf. They listen to a few people complain about it being OP even though they amount to less than 0.01% of the entire cod community. People like controversy and complaining. I'm not going to make a thread about everything I like in cod. I'm more likely to make a thread about everything I hate. IW would look at that hate thread and think it's "constructive"...

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                  65. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

                  Most perks don't have decreasing value , why can't Blast Shield be like that as well , then no one would complain about IED.

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                    66. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

                    I already had no problem with IEDs and I run and gun. When I did get killed, it was because I was standing nearly on top of it.

                    I put an IED on just to see if they were even feasible to use now and they aren't.. they seem to have 1/3 the lethal radius as frags or semtex post-2ndnerf. Only solution is to put on Danger close, but then to be worth it you have to put on extra lethals. DC plus 2 Ieds? Good job IW, forcing ppl to be a-holes and commiting to making IED's effective. I wonder how long until the next big youtuber has a complaint they listen to.

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                      67. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

                      A real IED wouldnt resemble this neat package,would be "improvised" buried in a strategic place.For maximum effect & damage,besides its an anti vehcicle weapon & nefred to buggery here,would kill the entire squad ffs in reality .

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                        68. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

                        Danger Close with IEDs are useless. Even though it gives a 40% damage increase, crouching or jumping reduces damage to the point of non lethality, even when the area is small to force them to take the full blast radius. So, three perks made utterly useless.

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                          69. Re: 2nd IED nerf!?!

                          It's a stupid lethal that slows down the game and promotes camping. Camping = less sales/less players playing/less dlc sold, less money for the investors, bosses on your ass demanding answers to why sales are down.


                          Funny that IED users always use the word adapt, but why do you guys need an explosive or motion to make you aware that an enemy found your camping spot?

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