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    Extinction POC 5 Relic Breakdown Spreadsheet of Score Obtainable

      While browsing the internet and Youtube a week or two ago looking for how to obtain the highest possible score with 5 relics on POC, I ran across this spreadsheet. It gives the breakdown of highest possible score you can get for each individual hive. It includes drill protection, personal skill, team support, and relic bonus per hive. The creator is someone that is known by many on here, CPetti.


      Here is the link to the Microsoft Spreadsheet:

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Ao3JfktJuGd_dGNBRUJkTHlMRTZNYkFsVGN rWlhSX3c&output=html


      I hope everyone finds this useful, I searched the forums to make sure this wasn't a repost. Your friendly neighborhood alien killer, URgodWILLcUsoon.