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    How many people would still play if the games were run like the military

      Its real general question, and may not be the best question to ask


      at age 18 if the gov says you can run a tank crew, then you can run a tank crew.  so for a lot of people hearing 18 years talk crap is tough. then you have the lower acupella crew that havnt dropped their pair yet, that cuss like sailors


      then you have the techno fear group, that drop their cookies where they want, because  they havnt dropped their pair yet either.


      Most of the people that play, dont get online, and check out the boards, but I was thinking what if


      so its a general question, what if playing call of duty came with some rules you have to abide by to play



      if you touch on civil liberty stuff, make a real valid point to stay on that topic, otherwise, hit it and comment and move please.


      an example of running the game like the military would be, ok you went 25 and 4 for 20 games, lets take a look at a few.  do you need a promotion,were they ligit,  what if activision paid you 5 bucks a game to keep others in line, can you lead


      try to stay away from being offended as much as possible


      everyone gets offended by something, at some time, so if you have a long rant, make a point, and move


      if you can stay inline with these small requests, then thank you