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        50. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

        Once again you offer nothing but more ranting on how you can never be 100% sure about anything.  Life isn't about being 100% certain.  It is about how close you can get to 100% and repeated tests with isolated variables get you as close as humanly possible.  If you have an alternative to how vests work that hasn't been dis-proven, then let it be known.  Until then, all evidence supports what I wrote earlier. 

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          51. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

          You can not call something true unless it is 100% even 1% off and it is not true which is why lite detectors are not allowed in courts because they are only 99% accurate. All evidence does not support what you wrote. Just because a few say it does not make it true, no matter who they are unless they are a developer and truly know the true answer.

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            52. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

            It's truly pathetic that your best argument is that it isn't 100% certain.  You're mad because you were proven wrong and offer no alternative to repeatable tests with isolated variables that yield the same result every time.  I guess you would also say that I can't figure out which sniper rifles can kill in one shot to the chest.  I could test it, but it would be impossible to know for sure right?  If you believe that, then you might have a problem. 

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              53. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

              No I am not mad because I was proven wrong for that has not been done by any of the vid at all. You are the one that is mad because I say nothing can ever be 100% accurate when tested by the players no matter what is done because the players truly never know the true results in the end no matter how much they try and claim they do.


              LOL.. that is a feeble argument at best..knowing which sniper call kill in one to the chest..several can and when added with muzzle break even more can, add in silencer and that changes and less can. No testing is needed to figure that out at all. So moot argument. Plus that sort of testing does not give any information on if the bv is ignored or not. Nor does it prove any testing on the bv is trully correct either. Just because some information can be gained by those kinds of tests and can be accurate to a degree does not mean all information from those kinds of tests is always accurate and true and never wrong. Only a fool believes that it is always accurate.


              A true scientists understands the fact that no matter how many tests are done by what ever means of control of the environment and variables that the answer is not ever truly known that only one possible answer has been found and not the only answer. Scientific testing is by no means perfect and never was, nor ever will be.

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                54. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                You were proven wrong.  There is no situation where what you said about the ballistic vest works.  What I said has been proven time and time again.  You still haven't come up with any evidence to disprove what I'm saying.  It's funny that you're only answer is nothing is 100% certain.  Nothing in life is 100% certain.  That is why we conduct tests to get as close to 100% as possible.  You're theory has a 0% possibility and has been dis-proven.  You're last several posts have just been you're ridiculous argument.  Get some evidence.


                How is testing sniper damage a moot point?  I already gave you all of the ballistic vest information and an intelligent human being could put the test results together to find out how they work.  I used a simpler example of a sniper rifle's damage so that you could understand it.  If you can find the one shot kill sniper rifles, then you can find how ballistic vests work.  It just requires a few more tests.

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                  55. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                  Sorry but wrong, no where did any of the videos actually prove me wrong no matter how you want to claim they did. It is not my burden to have to prove anything I say and yet you think it is, Yet all the proof you think you have really proves nothing in the end. for only the developers do know the answer no matter what test any play tries to do ever.


                  I need not any evidence, only you who think that the tests done are correct and cannot be wrong needs the evidence.


                  Finding one shot SR is not the same as finding out how the bv works at all. One test does not work for all, one way of gathering information does not mean all information gathered in that way is always correct. Only an idiot ever believes that.

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                    56. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                    You come in this thread and tell people that they are wrong.  Yes, you do need evidence if you are going to do that.  The burden of proof is on you if you chose to tell someone that they are wrong.  I have posted a ton of facts about ballistic vests.  Put them together and you will see that there is no way your theory works.  If you still can't understand it, then you can ask me to list it all out again so that you can. 

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                      57. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                      Actually no I do not it their burden to prove me incorrect and none of the videos have done so. Not entirely true the person calling someone wrong does not always have to provide why they feel it is wrong. All your facts from the tests that you have seen done does not 100% prove anything. So it does not prove me wrong yet you cannot ever accept that possible outcome. Which is funny really.. for a true tester is willing to see and accept the possible chance that no matter how many tests were done that the information could still be wrong. Because the scientific testing method is not 100% foolproof and never was nor ever will be.

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                        58. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                        You're a hypocrite.  You want other people to prove you wrong (which I did) and you don't want to have to prove anyone else wrong.  You have no evidence and have contributed no evidence, yet you're the one who is telling others that they are wrong.  Telling someone they wrong about something you know nothing about is about as foolish as you can get.  Your penetration theory was disproven by the fact that lmg's have higher penetration and carry their damage through walls longer than an ap pistol, but the lmg still can't shoot through the vest.  Your theory that ap rounds get a damage multiplier when hitting the vest is disproven by the fact that no ballistic vest emblem pops up.  You even said that the emblem pops up when it is absorbing damage.  The ballistic vest has 150 health points.  That would mean an ap equipped gun would need to receive a 2.5x multiplier in order to kill in the same amount of bullets.  The mtar does 40 damage at close range.  If it received a 2.5x multiplier when shooting a vest at close range, then it be doing 100 damage.  The vest takes 150 damage so the first shot with an ap mtar would cause a vest emblem to pop up because it is absorbing damage.  It is sad that I have had to lay it out for you and even more pathetic that you have made about 10 posts without adding anything.  You tried to tell someone they were wrong when you had no evidence and you were proven wrong.  Get over it and stop talking about the scientific method.  There is not 100% certain proof of anything.  Only a moron uses that as an argument to disprove someone else.  Try using evidence instead.  Any imbecile could sit there and say gravity isn't real and no one could prove them wrong because for all we know there are undetectable ghosts that move objects, right?  In the real world, you need evidence.  That is something that you are in short supply of.

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                          59. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                          wherever your stats come from on the amount of damage for the vest may be true in theory but i play tons of s&r and vests are used very frequently there and someone using armor piercing rarely ever gets the vest emblem upon firing at them, it usually negates the vests all together or takes maybe 1 extra bullet on a normal kill.

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