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    Why on earth?


      Why in the world would they make this for the xbox360 and PS3? They need to just focus on next gen and make it great. Beside that it splits the population up to where it's hard to find good connection lobbys.


      It seems to me this has kinda what happened to Ghosts. Well that and a lot of people just don't like it. I like it. But what do I know.

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          The 360 and PS3 Versions will be ported by another Developer so Sledgehammer can focus on Next Gen.


          So this thread is null and void.


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            Activision simply can't ignore the millions of copies they'll sell on last gen consoles. I think people who've got new gen consoles will benefit this time around with Sledgehammer only working on the new gen and PC versions.

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              im on 360 atm... getting the x1 in the next week. but people can't just pull money out of their backsides and folk out £400 to get a next console just to play 1 game... i love cod to bits (best thing since sliced bread lol) but if i couldnt afford to get a next gen and call of duty didnt come out on 360/ps3 i think it would highly disappoint a huge crowd and most likely put people off from getting cod in the future.

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                A huge population of COD fans don't own a Next Gen Console. And Focusing on Next Gen Consoles would mean that It will reduce the compatibility of the Game with more PCs .

                So nor the community wants the game to be solely for next Gen Consoles and PC nor Sledgehammer as they will lose customers.

                Not everyone has money to afford a new console right now ...

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                  It's called profit. They poor folks can't afford current gen consoles, so they still need to make games for the last gen. This is a current gen thing. Back then this would not happen. AAA titles would go to the latest console and if they last gen got a port it was gimped to ****. This gen you get basically the same game.


                  Also, each current gen console has sold over 3 million units, so there is no reason why the player level should be low. Here's an idea, maybe because the game is not good, especially on the current gen consoles. Th3 360 version of ghosts runs better than the XB1 version. I never got dashboard crashes on the 360, on the XB1 I get those constantly, especially on certain maps. IE ( TREMOR )..


                  The PS4 version is frame rate drop city.


                  CODAW should run smooth, since it's being developed for the current gen, so the numbers should be up.

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                    LOL "next gen"... so next gen it still doesn't have 1080p, which btw was developed in the early 90s.


                    I hate the fact that they call them "the next gen" when computers have been able to achieve far more all this time.

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                      The majority of gamers (including myself) still play on last gen. Get over it. They have a completely different developer working on porting last gen, so Sledgehammer ARE focusing on next gen.

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                          Get over what? I still play Ghosts on my 360 and have hardly played on my Xbox One. It was an honest question and I got my answer. No need to be a jerk about it. But then I guess I don't know why I would expect any different from the COD community.


                          I guess you are right biron_w they are the current gen now. lol

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                          From a business standpoint, I see why they have to make a last gen version. However, I hope that when they are making the game there isn't people saying, "Well, that idea would be great, but 360 and PS3 wouldn't be able to handle it." If that's the case, this game isn't truly "next gen/current gen".