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    Instead of 420 camo with kittens

      How about an in game camo that allows for notches to be visible and placed on the rifle butt or stock in game?


      In other words, the camo is real time


      Make a kill, get a notch


      Theres better camo ideas out there, without me having to go deep


      I had a previous post about pistols that would allow for an accompished pistoleer to carry his sidearm in game


      old smith and wesson, colt, doesnt matter.  If I went into battle, Id want a tested gun


      however, error messages and bad boards dont allow me to speak my mind, so what can you do?


      did you read the privacy policy of that before you logged in?




      no wonder the \last post was 8 hours ago


      yeah, God forbid some of us that arent hip to society have a say


      but 420 takers all over the freakin board do?


      Do I care, sure, but why so many



      this is anti social because Im 40 and lived in an age where some things were looked at were wrong?


      where we didnt have to look at ammendments under a micrsoscope?


      shred the constition a bit?  Its torn, you want to make a new one with laws that have good men not have an opinion?



      Do I tell negro jokes, do I get on there with racism as my ally?




      Do I laugh at jokes, sure, do I stop them, yes


      gays, good grief guys it aint the way


      im sure if you had a friend that say something to you, youd stop it.  wake up America,



      my gosh, 20 to 50 countries hate our guts, and why!


      is it money, were rich, is it ignorance, why!



      If you are to be good men, follow God.  Our nation, America, was founded on this




      Do you have the heart to fight?  If you do, then look at the rest of us that try to steer you away from evil., from harm, so that you may know what it is to be prosperous   


      why are good men shunned?  WHy!