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        30. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

        MAyday: a mate picked up his ims to take along the outside in mayday, we entered the container all 4 to get lifted to the outside place. Once we were there he couldn't drop his ims, he was wtuck to it, even when he got killed and crawled toward us, the ims was still stuck to him, he couldn't do anything

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          31. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

          in this case when  the ims still stuck on your teamate you have to wait to see his dog tag after his death . then you can revive him.

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            32. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

            Every time we play a custom match 2 player split-screen in Mayday. Our system freezes at the same exact time during the playthrough. We freeze up in the second area on the last door leading to the crane room. This happens on casual and normal runs we have not tested on hardcore yet. Does anyone have any helpful hints on this?

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              33. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

              Here is another new bug from POC.

              It appears that the challenge for the second hive of the cabin area does not come up when the drill is planted. This means a failed challenge at the end of the hive. No score for the challenge given and no skill point either.

              At this point I know it definitely happens on solo with any amount of relics on but cannot confirm for coop or without relics.

              Anybody attempting POC completionist achievement/ score run on solo will be affected.

              This is on the 360 atm not sure of other consoles.

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                34. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                On mayday. My party experienced a hypno trap glitch. after we activated the crane. We all got inside the crate as it started to carry us top deck. One of us crafted the trap and started to carry it while we were being lifted. He jumped out  ,with trap in hand  ,before  crate touched the ground on deck. Doin this his trap glitched and he could not place it down . he tried multiple things before we just activated a electrical trap and let him bleed out completely. That seemed to work. When he respawned the glitch went away and he could recraft the trap again

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                  35. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                  This has happened to me on a solo game and now I am stuck, unable to pick up the drill to even have anything spawn to down me and reset my character. I tried to jump back down to the bottom floor, essentially killing myself when it says rejoining party, and that did nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this accidental predicament I now find myself in. I cannot activate a trap or pick up anything or change schematics. I am basically stuck now...IW please fix this, whether it is by disabling the hypno trap from being activated in the cargo elevator up to the deck or by any other means you can.

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                    36. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                    Score glitch, You happen to have a great hive, youre thinking awesome perfect score. Boom hives over and you end up with 4k less, I mean wtf you didnt take damage, youve had armor on, 100% yet u lose 4k out of score, at first i thought it only happens in city, but the more i play the more i get it throughout the game. I took break from game, i came back to do a little solo gameplay, i beat my previous score, but i had my hive score cut short. Come on Iw fix this ****, a perfectly good run now can be ruined by stupid glitch. An ex, on hive 11 i killed rhino, 97% drill no dmg throughout the hive, i was suposed to have close to 52k score and i got 41!! wtf thats even worse than not completting the challenge. It just freaking happens randomly. Fix that sht.

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                      37. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                      In extinction, armor meter incorrectly shows empty after getting armor, only when resolution is set to 480p or 480i, 16:9 ratio, on PS3. Bug limited to only PS3?


                      EDIT: it only happens if the option "Vertical Margin" is 2 notches away from full.

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                        38. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                        When theres host migration in progress so it allows u to take damage

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                          39. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread

                          This just happened to me last night on POC. I've been grinding teeth lately and have been doing speed runs to get through the boards as quickly as possible.  Well between hives I ended up going down (which is pretty embarrassing on POC solo anymore for me)  and just as I was going down I put on my medic armory upgrade.  I went down with my ring around me and at the top of the screen it kept saying I was being revived.  Sure enough at the end of the game I had 10 revives.  I thought you couldn't get revives when playing solo, so this must be a bug.

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