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    DLC weapons now restricted in eSports, but not MTAR-X?


      So I was just going over the 4.22 update and I noticed they finally restricted the DLC weapons. While I can understand restricting something such at the Maverick-A2, I don't understand why they would choose the restrict the Ripper and not also restrict the MTAR-X as well. I can understand that they would choose to restrict the DLC weapons because they are part of the DLC and not everyone bought them, but that to me takes out the fun of playing the Clan v Clan playlist since I really enjoyed using the A2 and I use the Ripper all the time as a run-n-gun. I really want them to introduce a Barebones playlist, no killstreaks whatsoever, or a Specialist-only playlist without the eSports restrictions.

      Thoughts on the new eSports restriction? Also, I welcome discussion of the eSports rules in general as I find the playlist rather fun to play and have a character with loadouts dedicated to only that playstyle.