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    I got Hacked

      This is mainly directed at staff members.


      Ok, so let me sum up the situation.

      My current level WAS Captain (Lv 31) but due to a malicious attack, it has been set to 0.

      No, not 1, it was set to ZERO.

      Currently, on the Barracks menu it says I am Lv 31 and my XP is -2466828, and that for the next rank I require 2500398 more XP.


      However, on the main lobby for Multiplayer, it displays my Rank as 1, but I know for a fact it is not, since when

      I open "Find Match", every single gamemode is faded out and I get the notice "Unlocked at Private First Class (Lv1)".


      It goes without saying, that I can no longer play Multiplayer (at least not to earn points, I can still use Private Match).


      Another minor edit the "hacker" did on my account was setting all my custom classes to modded names.


      I have attached picture evidence, there is a total of 5 pictures and they display:

      • The main lobby leaderboard displaying my rank as 1. - ExhibitA
      • The barracks page displaying my rank as 31 and negative XP - ExhibitB
      • A modded set of custom classes which I did not make - ExhibitC
      • The gamemode list showing all gamemodes faded out - ExhibitD
      • The notice which quotes "Unlocked at Private First Class (Lv1)" - ExhibitE


      I understand my legitimate rank of Captain (Lv 31) may not be restored, but I ask that I am at least changed to rank 1 or 2 so I can re-join the multiplayer experience.




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          Re: I got Hacked

          My bad, It would seem I can not add the pictures. I have uploaded them to Gyazo. Links in order are as follows:



          Gyazo - f45929451dce2a10c27b43818d19e96d.png



          Gyazo - e894507452842ff13695f24e3083f7f3.png



          Gyazo - 8c3330f00f90091c58a17b069dfc9f4c.png



          Gyazo - 3d76f4994d696ccc85554130632baf4a.png



          Gyazo - b540940352e4fc4ac7ce0cce7a722cad.png


          Also, I guess I should have included that this account is used on the Xbox360, running an Xbox Live Gold membership.

          The gamertag is show in the pictures, but just incase, it is: GunBot MK3

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              Re: I got Hacked

              you never mentioned what game it was

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                  Re: I got Hacked

                  My bad, I thought the pictures would be self explanatory.

                  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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                      Re: I got Hacked

                      cod 4 is a hacked mess. goehot and his jailbreak hack and other hackers made this game and W@W and MW@ unplayable. u will run into a lobby with someone running head shots hack. and from accross the map they can just pull trigger and get random headshots on every mamber of opposing team as soon as they respawn. its so bad i am stopping my gameplay of these 3 games. what a shame cause they are awesome game before being hacked.

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                          Re: I got Hacked

                          Well, nevertheless I still get by in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I enjoy the game

                          I would really appreciate some help with fixing the issue I have, or perhaps someone could recommend a site

                          with administrators who could help?

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                              Re: I got Hacked

                              gunbot, one of my accts got scrambled by a person running a hack. and i had to used a diff. acct i have. sorry to say this but... the only way to get your acct reset is to ( and i hate saying this but...) u have to find a person in a lobby that has the hack and befriend him . than ask him to reset ur stats using his jailbreak hack. which he has access to do. it  makes me sick to even say this. but its the only way to have your acct reset.

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                                  Re: I got Hacked

                                  This is ridiculous... It happened to me as well ... I was set to lvl 0 and I can't play now,  basically I can't find game, every game type is locked. They will unlock if I make 2 billion xp. This was more than 6 months ago.

                                  Now I made a new account so I can play... I was lvl 55 and I got hacked again. I was sent to lvl1 and only able to pick a class whit a pistol as primary weapon and no perks..  I. Made my way to lvl40 and finally a mini UCI unlocked (2 days playing)

                                  But guess what INFINITY WARD RESETED MY ACCOUNT. TO LVL1 AGAIN

                                  SO EASY RIGHT?

                                  WHY DONT YOU. INFINITY WARD RESET MY MAIN ACCOUNT TOO?

                                  I WAS LVL55 10th prestige and after so many emails I had no response.. Now you reseted my secondary in 2 days? Easy as that?  Call of dutty modern warfare... Spent 120$ in the game and mappacks...

                                  STOP selling that game if you don't support customers for god sake

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