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        60. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

        Armor piercing always negates the vest.  The emblem will never pop up if your gun is equipped with ap rounds. 

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          61. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

          yeah its just like shooting someone who isnt wearing one at all haha

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            62. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

            I agree with them being OP. I very much agree the handling of those guns is INSANE and add range, high damage, and a good player, It's game over. Leaving the Player (ME) wondering why they have not been nerfed, but I think about balance and when it's good or bad but I think balance in the guns ruins the game because there is no variety. But that's what I think.

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              63. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

              Keep it up you funny ya know.. The vids did not prove anything at all, just because they show a few things does not meant those things are infallible proof of your view point. Only a tool of a fool thinks in that manner.


              Just because the emblem does not show up does it meant the ap round just cancels it out as if it was not worn at all.


              See that is where you are wrong there is a 100% proof method with this game.. the code itself is 100% proof and only the developers know the full truth on how it works. So yes there is a 100% factual proof out there, which none of the video's can lay claim to as having so they them-self are not 100% factual no matter how many times the tests are done by any number of players ever.


              And if it not 100% then it cannot be claimed as proof or true and the way it is when it has not been proven as such by any means.


              You so called evidence does not have the proof that you claim it does anymore than may statements saying else have less proof just because I have not provided any video of it. Short of having access to the code itself there is no way for me to prove anything. Same with the vid's they do not really prove anything  either but a possible concept of how it may work; but not the actual way it works.


              Actually your point about gravity is kind of funny.. for we don't know it exists, and it could be ghosts doing it all.. we only assume it is something called gravity because we were once told it was by someone who claimed them self as a scientist and everyone believed them because of some tests they did which only proved that some unseen forced moved objects.. not what the force was and how it worked. And since the ghost possibility can not be proven since you cant really prove ghosts exists than it must be wrong.. but that does not make it wrong..


              People like you are stuck in the logical loop boundaries of what you think is real because if science and tests do not say so then it cannot ever be so.. which is no closer to the truth than anything else ever. You lack imagination or belief that something could be other than what you want to believe it to be because no one has proved otherwise for you yet...


              To use your logic..


              Does god exist? prove it.

              Does he/she not exist? prove it.


              You cant do either no matter what you try, no matter what tests you use. So science and testing thing is not 100% or perfect or infallible and never was a never will be but you refuse to ever accept that possible because it is beyond your logical thinking patterns.


              If it is not found in logic and proved in logic then it cannot be.. which is a very flawed way to think and live...so keep telling yourself that only your way can be because of your logic and live in your box of logic where you feel safe.

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                64. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                You continue to add absolutely nothing.  My last post contained all of the information that you need to know.  Feel free to test everything that I said and you will find that it is true.  All of your theories were proven wrong. You can debate about something not being 100% true, but the fact is that you have no evidence of anything.  I can only imagine how badly you would get laughed at in a debate if you tried to say that someone's evidence was wrong simply because nothing is 100% certain.  Your point about the developers knowing for a fact how they work is also untrue.  Someone with your mindset could easily argue that you don't know if the computers used to program the game were working properly.  Get some evidence to prove your point.  You came into this thread and tried to flex your e-muscles by telling people they were wrong.  You start petty arguments to try to make yourself feel important.  You completely made up how ballistic vests work and you were called out on it. 

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                  65. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                  Oh and BTW stop referencing the video.  The facts I stated in my earlier posts were not from the video, but from my own tests.  They can all be repeated and yield the same results.  Only a fool continues to tell someone they are wrong without providing any evidence.

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                    66. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                    And yet you are being the fool just by assuming that your evidence cannot be wrong just because you tested it and it worked one way for you. Which does not conclusively prove that is THE way it works but just the way YOU think it does.

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                      67. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                      You take the time to resurrect a month old thread and still add no evidence.  You only criticize my evidence.  You don't even have a legitimate criticism in the testing methods or logic.  All you can come up with is that nothing is 100%.  Use that logic next time you're in a real life argument and see how badly you get laughed it.  I guess the Seahawks didn't win the Super Bowl either?  It is possible I only dreamed that I saw them win and all of the evidence online could be fake as well.  If you want to prove someone wrong, then supply evidence. 

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                        68. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                        To add another thing that is a little ridiculous. The game has been out for 8 months now and I still believe some people don't know what air superiority does.  I mean really, I see people in the middle of the game using it when nothing is in the air.  What a waste.  If you are going to take the time to add it as one of your support streaks the least you could do is understand how it works.  I laugh when it gets used against my team when nothing is in the air and laugh to myself even more as I am later on using a Battle Hind or Helo Pilot and they have already wasted the air superiority.

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                          69. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                          That's so true. I mean even if they want the xp for using it they should wait till they are close to overlapping it. So many players just use it immediately and waste it. Often a costly mistake.

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