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    Letter @treyarch

      Ok first of all hello.


      I just want to say that since Cod Modern Warfare 2, i found another Cod game that i like and thats Black ops 2. But whats really pissin me off at the moment that treyarch made a game invested alot of money and time om black ops 2 and doesnt do anythin about the hackers that are ruining your game? I mean only because cod ghosts is out now u dont care anymore what happens with black ops 2 yeah? That those little kiddies tryin to hack because they know that they're bad at cod without it? They took all the fun i had to play black ops 2 that was my last cod without any hackers in it that i had fun to play with but now its all gone and i think its a shame that you guys from treyarch allow that. You just did an update lol what i dont understand is you cared more for a fuckig dragon title to fix rather than fixing the hacker problem yeah? Do i see that right? No wonder does everyone buy battlefield nd turn their backs against COD. I do understand now because all u guys are interested in is money nothing else. You bring a new cod out earn some money and if one of ur games is getting hacked oh well no one cares why should you? You've earned the money anyway so yeah i mean come on im a person under 100'000 thats tryin to get treyarchs attention but i know myself they wont read it anyway so thanks guys for letting your truly fans down. I will never ever play call of duty again and i hope so will others so you guys finally wake up and change somethin!