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    Well Known Hackers


      My name is pyscho walrus, and I'm a new member of this forum. This is my first post.



      Anyways, I have been playing this game for quite a while now, (since dec 2011)

      I have watched the community and multiplayer deteriorate for a long time.

      Hackers are a giant problem in this game. They cause paranoia (ur a haker u suk), anger, and general unfairness.

      I know this game is going to eventually end up like cod4, because there are so damn many.


      There are several well known hackers, and alot of them are just small kids who can't beat the learning curve.


      Some hackers are:

      (cc) Shane

      (cc) Novice


      These two were using aimbot and godmode, and called me a ****** when I asked them to stop. They called me a *** licker and swore at me, so I left.

      (cc) Kickback


      He has a modded namee, and he always runs around with a spas12, and has godmode and speed hacks. He has infinitie UAV and/or redboxes, so he is pretty much invincible.




      He provides infected lobbies, but will often turn on aimbot



      If you see any of these people in your lobby, leave.


      Please add more people to this list below.



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          Re: Well Known Hackers

          I want to add one hacker Too, it is "Trippin", he is invisible, at the Third Minute, he has launched his M.O.A.B.

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            Re: Well Known Hackers

            I've avoided COD for a long time because I didn't want it to consume my life. Next thing I know I find a copy of MW3 on clearance for 9 bucks so I caved. I've been playing a lot and loving it. I'm getting better everyday and having fun watching my game and profile progress.


            Next thing I know, this morning, I'm at level 80 and everything is unlocked. This can only mean that my profile has been hacked, right? Maybe some people would like to have everything handed to them for free but I actually enjoyed watching myself get better and working to unlock things, only for some dickbag to ruin it by hacking my profile and now I have to start over. Why is that fun for people? Low life idiots.


            Is there a way to only play with certain people that you can trust? I mean, I know you can add allies. I guess the best thing to do would be to have a butt-ton of allies...

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