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    Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

      while playing solo in POC  with 4 or 5 relics , i have big troubles to manage the downs.

      i mean that in most of cases when i have a down  immediately after i have another one because when i get up i 'm already surrounded of cryptids and get another one. i tried to save a flare but it doesn't help to much....

      so many times with 5 relics i reach the hive 12 with 3 downs left but if i get one down i know i already loose the game.

      have you any tips for this ? after 2 consecutive downs how do you manage the money as you loose 500+500 ?

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          Re: Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

          As stupid as it may sound: don't go down.

          Upgrade your sentry gun first to a couple (I spend two straight on mine as soon as the first hive is destroyed, the reason being, just in case it's the 75% accuracy challenge), then upgrade your GT to +3 then put another 2 points on your sentry so it's at +3, then put a couple (2) on your body armour) and then finish your sentry to use 2. Then finally, finish your body armour off.  Just know where those scorpions will come from, and always be sure to have at least one sentry gun out facing up at those tricky locations the scorpions go that you can't see.


          That's what I do. Other people, people who have done solo more than me may be able to give better tactics, but it seemed to work fine for me each 3 times I have done solo 5 relics so far - all 3 times I have had 0 downs. First time I only got about 410k score, then I got 445k the second time and finally, the 3rd time I got 463k.

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            Re: Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

            i was playing the other day made it to the last hive before gas in mayday and went down for the first time and it ended the game...i thuoght u get two downs or however it works but for me it ended after the first one and the drill health was at 100

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              Re: Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

              EVer since GT was buffed up i see the threads of people asking how to beat 5 relic solo. You know beating 5 relics solo is nothing like you see on the pri videos of matomaster or jon the chief... to escape with 5 relics you have to be incredibly used to the games and challenges and enemy spawns and how you aproach a challenge. that kid stinky already doesnt know that because , 75% is a 100% challenge on second hive on poc. dont listen to his advice about upgrade. first city you dont really need 30 bullets on GT , and most of all i would advise you to go with PT , and when you have dozen of solo escapes with5 relics maybe youre ready for GT. get ur sentries + 2, then get ur armor + 2, it will allow you to queeze the best score in first city, keep armor up and dont let the drill down. try escape with 2/3/4 relics first with 6k, keep money maxed whenever you can unless you need need armor, and you always get 1000+ for end of hive so make sure you buy new turret, before $ goes to wallet. When you get swarmed and you see scorps around dont waste time on the just shoot it once so it jumps somewhere else and focus on ground enemy meanwhile, if you only have one sentry have it face drill most of the time and you place your turret facing both futher away. learn the spawns, use alot of traps. and watch cids of high scorers and take notes.

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                  Re: Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

                  playing 5 relics . today i reached two times the last hive using GTwith one down only. but still get 3 consecutive downs...

                  this evening i will try the PT

                  on last hive is it better to have the electric fence always on?

                  i just bought the hypno rhino in armory , i hope it will help me during the final run ...

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                    Re: Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

                    I'm confused... how is it already a 100% accuracy challenge? If you mean, because you shoot once for better scoring, then yes obviously, and obviously it's best to keep it at 100%. My point of doing sentry first, is then you don't end up getting several scouts beating the crap out of you, and you take no damage because your sentry gun is doing the work, and maintaining the challenge for you.


                    Unless you mean something else by what you said. In which case I have no clue. So if you could elaborate, that'd be great.


                    Also, I have a feeling you don't like me? In which case, just ignore my posts. No need to start trouble by calling me "that kid", which no matter what spin you wish to reply, is an insult and you trying to belittle me. I will leave that there, but staying on subject will be great.

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                    Re: Solo mode : a down calls another  down ?

                    i finally did it , had a down at the first meteor only.

                    i will try to improve this before the new map as i know i lost at least 18000 points in the first part of the map.


                    special thanks to Stinky666 and Spiderkn0ws for their usefull answers ( i used both strategies for my escape) and to AngryBus97 for his advices in pm.

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