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    Disc read error and similar error codes are unacceptable.

      I'm not one to trash this game, because I actually do enjoy it and I think the dlc is the best it's been in a while. But I went to download the map pack today, and it downloaded no big deal. I go to play a private match on Pharoah and it gives me: Disc read error image file 66. I got this the day devastation came out, so I had to delete the game and reinstall it. That took around 8 hours to do. Now I get the invasion dlc, and the exact same thing happens. And I just tried to play the new extinction map, and it says "disc read error 'mp_alien_dlc3'." It's VERY obvious that you guys (IW ) are either not trying anymore. But I paid $500 so I could play CoD, along with $60 for Live and $60 for the game. Oh, and I bought the season pass because I'm a HUGE fan of CoD. Not to mention all of the CoD branded accessories like headsets and stuff like that. Like I said, I'm not one to trash this game because I do enjoy it 6.5/7 days. But this is just unacceptable. I spend countless amounts of dollars on CoD related items, and the game doesn't even work. If anybody has a solution to my problem besides uninstalling the game,  I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm just so disappointed with IW right now.

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          this is why you buy digital copies. 

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            I'm having the same problem. It's extremely frustrating

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              By the way, I had deleted the game and set it to install while I was a movie for 3 hours. It got to the point where it was still installing, but let me access multiplayer and extinction. Got the same error as last time for extinction. Not even gonna try multiplayer. My patience is running thin.

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                So today, I've deleted the entire game twice. I've installed it twice. I've downloaded Invasion four times. I still get the same errors. I reallyyyyyyyy love this game. I've sunk so much money, time, and effort into Ghosts. I just deleted the game and every piece of dlc I own. I set the game to download overnight. If it works, I'll try downloading Invasion first. If none of this works, I'm afraid this game will either go to the very back of my shelf or get traded in. And it's a damn shame because like I said, I love this game. I bought the season pass and occasionally buy the microtransactions. But there's no point in trying to play something that is most definitely broken. BUT, I have to give a major shoutout to IW, or Candyslexia. or Teenah, or directing me to Activision Support. They've been tweeting me for hours now trying to solve my problem, and they are continuing to do so. Good job Activision Support! Seriously, even though the game doesn't work, you have outstanding support! This isn't sarcasm either. Whoever is in charge of your twitter page has to be one of the coolest, most patient people I've ever met!

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                  This might be a little late but here is one problem I found. Sometimes the console wouldnt read the disk so I looked at the spindle and saw a little extra plastic sticking out in the middle. That was all of my Xbox ONE disks.


                  I just trimmed it with an exacto blade. Seems the manufacturing process isnt as good as BluRays and DVDs.


                  Cant hurt but might help. Cant tell you if it works yet because I havent received my ONE replacement yet. My drive works sometimes but is too defective to test it properly. But I do honestly think so far the Bluray Drives are way too defective in the first batch. I bought mine in Febrauary and am sure its one of the first batch failures.


                  Keep your fingers crossed , they are covered by a 1 year warranty.

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                    Dude like wtf I installed invasion like 3 times and keep getting " disc error 'mp_pritare' " or some other error just like it how do I fix this??

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                      Guys -

                      So I found out that it was my internet connection that was messing with my X1. I've been having A LOT of issues with my connection, getting only 900 kb/s download. The connection would go out every five minutes, and when it was working properly, I wouldn't even get 1 mb/s download. So that meant Invasion wasn't downloading properly either. I also found that my Xbox seemed to be going a lot slower, just like when your computer or phone tries to load a web page and the loading icon sits there for forever. I knew there was no way my Xbox was all of the sudden broken. It had been working perfectly since the day I got it. So internet started working properly after a few days and voila. Everything was downloaded in just a few minutes and the game runs perfectly again. If you're experiencing this problem try this:

                      1. Delete everything on the console related to the game.

                      2. Power off the console all the way by holding the power button down for five seconds.

                      3. Unplug the power brick.

                      4. Unplug your modem and router. Leave it for 10 minutes, then reconnect. Plug into your console if it's a wired connection.

                      5.  I recommend starting with Invasion, just in case. Set it to download along with any other dlc.

                      6. Make sure nothing else that uses wifi is being used, except maybe your phone. I have a Roku, so I usually  have two other tvs plus kindles streaming videos. Completely destroyed my connection.

                      I hope this helps.