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    The New Call of Duty Online

      Bring back a super advanced remake of the original pc call of duty graphics engine.

      Now for the fun part and I hope treyarch or whoever it make concern is paying attention.

      Who here has watched band of bothers? Do you ever wish you could just enlist in a actual real life world war 2 on a video game all online you work your way though the ranks go through a real basic training? This will teach you mechanics of war and how to follow orders etc.

      Now imagine storming the beaches of Normandy enlisted as an American or German in massively multiplayer. Hmmmmm that sounds fun?

      Now that you have enlisted in the military you choose your outfit and decide what type of soldier you will be with full creativity heavy gunner(support) 50 cal., BAR, etc. Sniper, Assault(Thompson or M1 garand), explosives which will range from anti tank anti air to flamethrowers(these guys will also have the ability to carry m1 carbines and side arm everyone will have a side arm. Then you could be airborne if you wanted as well or even in a tank division.

      Now how the game will work is just like the chain of command for real war orders are passed down from your commander in charge which ultimately generate from you people the creators uploading new plans either from the American side or German in this way we will fight through a total idealistic replay of world war two. So on to the part everyone wants to Know about. PERKS absolutely not sorry but people shouldn't just be able to perform magical abilities the only people that can do this is people of rank who can call airstrikes etc using real time coordinates which will be required to learn bout when offered promotion on battlefield from game changing performance. There will also yes you heard it mortar strikes etc, but FYI these resources wont be always usable. We don't want it to be as if a guy with a rocket launcher has infinite ammo it will be used as needed to take out a building full of Germans when order given, or if a tank is wiping out your regiment etc. Nothing will come easy as every scenario will most likely be covered buy German heavy artillery or constant cover from German MG42s. We want to make this a real life video game world war 2 nothing like red orchestra or anything like that If you are shot in the leg you limp call medic he comes to rap up your leg if you are seriously injured your brought back to medic tent were you have to wait a longer period of time to recoup, if you die you re enlist. If organized this way it will keep immature players from trying to be heroes and run in gun real quick. When we storm the beaches of Normandy people will be constantly being healed by medics or re enlisting. We want to make it where the player focuses on team work to make things happen communication is the key. It should be where players are as good with communication and strategy as they are at running and gunning in todays call of duties. Make it where you have to duck for cover because you know if you don't keep your head down you will be shot. Bullets wizzing by constantly, explosions constantly happening go into a real depth of detail so the player is always seeing something new or learning some new technique. If your pinned down in the trenches at brecourt organize a flanking maneuver, make a player have to use suppression fire if every bullet shot in war killed someone there would be a lot more people dead. Your surrounded what do you do in todays call of duty run out shooting knife the next guy and get shot by a third. In my scenario gernades are cooked, smoke is deployed and surpression fire makes the enemy duck behind cover giving you a window to scoot away in time. If there is a mortar team that has your location pinpointed and has you pinned down get eyes on the mortar team to call in an airstrike. I hope you get the drift. It is a great concept which I believe you could make work with what you have. On top of that wants treyarch puts there best minds behind it they could think of more ideas to add. Its a great building block and I would love to be involved with something like that. names corey schiffer email is coreyschiffer@yahoo.com I have the vision and beyond on this one. Let me here some feedback.


                                      Creators of call of duty

                                      WWII online


      and please no responces about the game world war 2 online I no they already have it and it is the worst put togeather game on the planet it really is garbage and the most unorganized game I have eve seen. Absolutley nothing like the game I have in mind this is the real deal.

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          Re: The New Call of Duty Online

          I wanted to add make it cross platform so that more players can play togeather at once on ps4 and xbox one and also pc combined. also aange mic chat where you have a quick toggle menu to chat with certain people outside of your squad like if your squad leader needs to contact the next up in the chain of command make it easy for him to toggle to him or if he needs to call in an airstrike etc you get the drift. LET ME KNOW WHAT YA THINK.

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