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        160. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        I did the ee and now i get box orbs all the time. One orb  that i thought was strange was an orb on emp grenades. I feel that since orbs can appear on emps that means they are either a glitch or just saying the location, but not the gun to kill zombies with.

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          161. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          I just thought has anyone ever gotten a box orb and a street orb in the same game? Maybe we have to shoot the street orb with an orb gun?  Or kill zombies around the street orb with an orb gun?

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            162. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            Tried it. Didn't get any sort of indication I had killed enough zoms or anything, and shooting the orb with box orb gun didn't do anything either

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              163. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              firstly i must say that the time and effort everyone on here has put in to finding new things/clues and sharing it all is for a better word EPIC, im working nights at the moment and have spent the last four-five hours reading all the comments and its nothing short of fantastic that people are bouncing ideas around while others are trying them out... i myself find the whole zombies storyline fascinating, i consider myself a good zombie player but to this day havent completed a single easter egg on any map of any zombie level BO1 or BO2, alot of the reasoning is most days i simply do not have the time to put in on the game due to work/family but when i do i have to play with random ppl rather than friends (my mates play on ps whereas for some strange reason i opted for xbox) but i digress.. i have watched endless videos of ppl completing the EEs  and scouring maps for some sort of continuation step and its gt me hooked, there are as has been said numerous times so many things on the maps that simply do not make sense or add up like the whole day x/2 me thing, i do spend alot of my time on zombies just running around seeing what i can find and i cant say ive seen anything that has been mentioned before. With the infuriating quotes from JimmyZ and Reza not actually making any sense i and many ppl i've spoken to believe they shud just tell the fans straight : "yes there is more to be found and done on tranzit" OR "No tranzit is finished and has been for over a year while we have been posting stupid messages just to annoy the community and make them waste their time by thinking there is more to be done"    Well gee ive offered nothing in the way of theories or ideas and this a damn long msg the one question that keeps poppin into me head is this : if there was more to the EE surely there would be an acheivement for it right? are there any acheivements left to be found? i think that will b the biggest clue... sorry if u feel you've wasted your time reading this post but its more to say a massive thanks to everyone for putting in the time and grafting away on the maps, its because of ppl like you lot that i love the whole zombies story. much respect to everyone whose been posting and GOOD HUNTING

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