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    War movies.


      I was looking through the racks and racks of DVD'd and Blu-ray movies i have (yes i have a problem) and was noticing how many war movies i have collected.

      From classics like The Longest Day, Apocalype Now right up to more modern ones like Blackhawk Down and Lone Survivor.


      Do you like the genre and what are your favorite War Movies

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          1 star for breakin rules but Talvisota (The Winter War) is great:


          It can be found with english subs somewhere.

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            Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Saints and Soldiers, Enemy at the Gate, Band of Brothers (both series), I use to watch a ton of war movies as a kid since my Grandpa was such a war history buff.

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              Tears of the Sun

              BLackhawk Down

              Hurt Locker


              Full Metal Jacket


              Heartbreak Ridge

              just like some of the people here i could go on and on . From modern to classic.

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                All of the above. I'll add on with some others that aren't necessarily "war" or my "favorite" but are in my collection and go hand in hand with war.....


                Inglorious Bastards

                The Pianist

                Schindlers List

                The Good German


                Edit : Not sure this was mentioned but definitely one of my favs....the Pacific. Oh, and just saw Stalingrad.


                Edit again: Should have waited before posting....Miracle at St Anna and Defiance

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                  Full Metal Jacket

                  Kelly's Heroes

                  The Dirty Dozen

                  Enemy at the Gates

                  Apocalypse Now

                  Bridge Over the River Kwai


                  Not really films but awesome series:

                  Band of Bothers


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                    To add to some of the list's above :


                    Universal Soldier

                    Enemy at the Gates

                    The Patriot

                    Brave Heart

                    Rules of Engagement



                    Apart from Enemy at the Gates , along with alot more , the films I listed were some of my favourite teenage flicks along with westerns & gangster films not sure how they would compete nowadays

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                      Anyone ever heard of Full Metal Jacket?

                      Too many classic lines in that movie.

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                        All quiet on the western front

                        Cross of iron

                        where eagles dare

                        Guns of Navarone

                        Battle of Britain


                        633 squadron

                        Force ten from Navarone

                        The cruel sea

                        Sink the Bismark

                        The Great escape

                        Eye of the Needle

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                          I was just telling my bro about Enemy at the Gates the other night. This is an excellent war movie Others include ...


                          Saving Private Ryan

                          The Bridge Over the River Kwai

                          Tora! Tora! Tora!

                          Kelly's Heroes

                          The Dirty Dozen

                          Tears of the Sun

                          The Killing Fields

                          Kingdom of Heaven

                          Seven Samurai (very good black & white movie)

                          Full Metal Jacket

                          The English Patient

                          too many more to list!!!


                          While I have seen nearly all the movies listed in this thread, there are a couple I have not. I'll find those movies, though, and watch them. It's hard to find a "bad" war movie, but they do exist. It is hard to imagine Henry Fonda and George Shaw in a bad movie, but I'm sorry - Battle of the Bulge (1978) is a bad movie in general. The acting is not good, the script is ridiculous, and the special effects are a shame for a movie about a battle of such historical significance. In any case, everyone has listed excellent movies.


                          I'm not 100% sure I would call Universal Soldier a war movie. The Van Damme and Lundgren characters are Vietnam Vets, true. That allows the story to loosely play off of Vietnam. However, the story just feels like it is more comfortable in the science fiction genre than in the war genre. Still, the original Universal Soldier was a good movie. Van Damme at his best, IMO. The sequals? Meh. Bad sequels are typical for all movies.

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                            The boy in the striped pyjamas - Holy F@ck what a gripping story , (not an action) but me and the missus just watched and she's still crying now, (15 minutes later) (almost an hour later of crying & talking about it) my heart started pounding, A real "open mind" kinda of film - sad, but aren't most war films like this

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                                I haven't seen that one, but if I recall correctly, my wife and I had talked about going to see it when it was in theaters. I think she was uncomfortable with going to see it because she'd heard it was so sad.


                                Depends on who you listen to whether or not war movies area all "open mind." The 1960 version of The Alamo, these days, isn't seen as an "open mind" movie. I love it, though. I think you really have to consider a lot of different angles with every war movie, just as you have to do so with war itself. If you do that, and sounds like you're that kind of an audience member slydog, then yes, most war movies are very informative. But, you know, people have agendas so there's always someone that's going to cry foul.


                                Kinda like COD if you think about it.

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                                    It's like no story I've seen nuttin2say , I'm going to edit my reply because an hour later we still couldn't come to grips with what happened , I enjoy ALL scenarios of the war , the recent Book Thief was another similar to this movie,, thou I prefer movies like When we were Soldiers ,& Enemy at the Gates etc.. stories from outside the soldiers lives or those not in actual conflict seem to be more relevant considering I'm no war survivor or soldier for that matter lol. like you said I'm that audience member! Informative - Thou this movie hits home if your a family man, I thought someone posted it in here , This thread may of helped me decide what type of movie to watch (genre) .I've been watching heaps of movies lately being off work , not long now before I go back , also watched Blood Diamond (again) earlier that day Militia war?