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        @Rogue - Awesome!  You'll have to let us know what ya think of it.  I got Watch_Dogs on Tuesday, myself, so we both have new games to play with.


        I wouldn't say it's fancy, it's an old watch that doesn't work anymore.  So maybe it's like half an eyepatch.


        Crazy people, that's who!


        It's an action-thriller book by David Morrell called the Naked edge, it's a sequel to my favorite book of his.  The main character is this crazy elite ex-military guy that now works protecting people from assassinations, crazy stalkers, and what now.  Neither of the books end up about that though, the first one was about him tracking down a client that betrayed him and the second book is about stopping this crazy obsessive ex-friend from murdering thousands of people.  Both books have tons of detail about locations, weapons and real techniques he was taught by experts and the main character and his wife are pretty sarcastic, so that's fun.  That sounds pretty fun!  It's too bad all the books and such aren't canon anymore, but I'm sure you're still enjoying em.  How far into it are ya?

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          The Wii U's pretty awesome, of course!  Mario Kart 8 is probably the coolest Mario Kart yet, with some new items and some crazy antigravity stuff going on in it.  You can drive on walls and stuff on some of the tracks, and it's pretty cool.  It has some cool tracks, too, including the coolest Rainbow Road I've seen in the series yet.  Wind Waker HD is a pretty awesome remake of my favorite Zelda, too.  Not only did they give the graphics a boost, but they did some really useful stuff by making items like the sail and the Wind Waker be permanently assigned to some extra buttons, so you don't have to swap them out of your inventory over and over.  I hear they cut down the annoying Triforce fetch quest at the end of the game, too, which should make the end so much more fun.  No, Hawk, I haven't already finished the game.  I know, you're shocked.  The Wii U itself is nice, too.  The Gamepad is way lighter and more natural to hold than it looks, and it's pretty cool to be able to switch your game to play it on the Gamepad screen to watch some NBA playoffs or something while you play.  How's Watch Dogs so far?


          But old watching that don't work are even cooler than working watches!  They're only there for the style, so that's worth two eyepatches!


          I think my brother has read most of that series of books  Sounds really cool to see how he uses all those real details in his writing.  You gave yourself away at the sarcastic main character and wife, though.  You're clearly reading it because they act like Clint and Bobbi! haha, but it is kinda lame they decided to make all that stuff non-canon.  I don't worry too much about what's canon and stuff, but it means lots of cool stories can't be continued or used again.  Won't stop me from having fun reading them, though.  I actually just finished it, so now I gotta track down the third book.  They only have one copy at all the libraries in the county, and it's checked out.  I might just have to try the eBook version they have, since I don't know if I wanna wait to get the one copy. 

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            Just finished another great book by Jim Butcher, Skin Game. If you guys have not read Jim Butcher's, Harry Dresden series, you are really missing out on probably the best modern fantasy going right now. The first book in the series is Stormfront I think and he has written more than a dozen books in the series and he is still going strong. Harry is a wizard in modern day Chicago where the supernatural exists although most humans don't seem to really realize it. He is a detective, private one, that helps people with what turn out to be supernatural problems and he deals with the full spectrum of supernatural entities, ghouls, vampires, spirits, the Fae, gods, demons and more. The humor in the book is really strong and Harry is the type of hero who has power, but is often overmatched, sometimes significantly so, but figures out a way to prevail through smarts, gumption and just pure toughness. Butcher does a great job of giving Harry great depth as well as his friends and many of the recurring villains or supernatural entities he has to deal with. There is a definite structure to the massive supernatural world that lies hidden from human eyes that is really quite fascinating. I cannot recommend these books enough and unlike some authors whose books on a continuing character start to get stale, Butcher continues to get stronger and his world bigger with each book. So run don't walk to your nearest B&N or if you must download it, from B&N, lol. 

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              @Iron - Gee, it's almost as if you want us to purchase goods from the store you work from!  Haha, I remember they had a Dresden show on like sci-fi or something.  It didn't last long, but it looked pretty interesting.  I don't read too much supernatural stuff, but I might check it out next time I need a new book!


              @Rogue- Cool!  Which characters do you like to play as?  I don't think I've played a Mario Kart since the N64, haha.  I'm sure there's probably tons more characters now.  I do remember the rainbow road though and I remember doing a ghost track with all these rickety planks that would fall leaving holes ya could fall in!  And there was a nice coastal track from the SNES version that I liked where ya had to be careful not to drive too far into the water  Anti-gravity sounds like a pretty big set up from all of that, haha.  Nice, sounds like they did a good job upgrading not just the graphics, but parts of the game too.  How do you think it compares to the Wii?


              Watch Dogs had been fun!  I don't think it's as good as AC4, but it's pretty cool.  I love going stealth and using the hacking skills to knock out guys by making pipes burst or to bypass any sort of combat by hacking from camera to camera till you can unlock whatever you need to do.  I also like how they'll give you options, like you can kill all the bad guys or you can hop in the car to escape.  You get to choose whether you be a Punisher-vigilante or a Batman-vigilante.  There's a lot of sidequests to do, which I'm sure will keep me busy for a while, and there's some pretty crazy games.  There's one where you parkour around collecting giant pixelated Mario coins, one where you play as a giant spider tank and destroy stuff, and another one where you're like the last person left in the city which is now inhabited by robots hunting you.  It was a bit of surprise when I played em, haha.  I haven't gotten too far into the story yet, but it's okay.  There was a level where I had to sneak around a prison that was pretty cool.  The main character isn't too interesting, the serious brooding vigilante type, though his friend Jordi is pretty entertaining.  Hopefully it'll get a more interesting as I get deeper into the mystery.


              Whoa, that's a whole lot of eyepatches!  Are you sure?


              I wouldn't be surprised, there's only three of em and the third is just a collection of short stories.  Nothing on the huge scale of Star Wars or Star Trek.  Nooooo...maybe yes.  Someone is hoarding the book!  You need to find their house and steal it from them!  Then politely return it when you're done!  eBook seems like the best way to go though.  Ya don't wanna have to wait around and hope to check it out before someone else does.  Have you been following any of the Star Wars filming news?

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                Oh man, there's going to be so much X-Men in this post.


                @Iron: I definitely have to agree with you that this is probably the best non-Marvel Studios superhero film. Granted it didn't have very much competition in my opinion, the first 2 X-Men & First Class and first 2 Spidey movies (and possibly the Amazing ones,), but whatever competition it could of had it definitely beat them out. Personally for me it's up there with Cap 2 and Avengers, because.. you know.. X-Men.


                And now for the lovely, beautiful spoilers


                Those future Sentinels seriously did do their part greatly, they really felt intimidating, and in a super-hero movie that's not the easiest thing to do. But seeing them just destroy the poor future X-Men did that perfectly, seeing everyone just get brutally murdered was.. something, it was something. Seeing Colossus, my favorite superhero as a kid, and Iceman, also one I've always loved, get killed was painful. Especially in the second battle when they literally tore Colossus in half. Jeez. You don't even need like to like him for that to have been painful to see. Future Sentinels and their X-Men, perfect.


                Glad to see you enjoyed Quicksilver as well, and it's funny, his costume didn't bug me either. Despite how.... meh it looks it promotion photos, it just worked really well with him in the movie. I wasn't even upset that he was made as a teen, and I can't wait to see him back again in Apocalypse.


                And in a big summary, I've got to agree with everything you said about Mystique, Charles, and Eric, they were all done so well, they made such wonderfully emotional characters without going overboard on it. It actually makes me sad that the comics Mystique isn't the one we have here.


                I think they finally did an X-Men movie with Wolverine in a good place. It really did help he wasn't the central character, he was important to the story but not the character. Having it focus more on Charles and Eric with him only helping them along made it work so much better than him being the central player of everything.

                And there we have it with the spoilers, for now


                @Rogue: You mean you didn't love it? What in the world is wrong with you? You blasphemer! Well at least you admit it was the best X-Men movie. Which it was. Definitely. Goodbye X2 and First Class, hello Days Of Future Past.


                Spoilers, again

                I almost think it's impossible for McAvoy and Fassbender to not work perfectly together. Their versions of X and Magneto are just amazing uncanny. And pair them with Singer directing, it really did make for some great stuff. And Eric's points about Charles being the abandoner were kind of just.. woah. That was a great scene and made a nice driving point for Xavier to become Xavier again.


                I think everyone can agree Wolverine not being the central character was a good thing. As I said to Iron, having him as an important character but not the character really helped. We got to see him being Wolverine, but giving the focus of the movie to Charles and Eric, which was a great idea since they're much better characters. It would've been nice to see it be Kitty who gets sent back in time, but it would've been awkward having a unborn child as a central character. I'm just glad they gave her something related to the time travel, even if it made no sense for her to be able to do that... Like how in the world did they even discover that she can send people back? Just how? But I think what they did instead worked nicely, and this is also coming from a really big Kitty Pryde fan.


                It would've been nice to see more of the future guys, because they were some seriously awesome characters, but you're definitely right that it would've made the movie way long. I mean I wouldn't mind a 4 hour X-Men movie, that would be amazing! But yeah, that'd be one long movie! At least we know for sure we'll be seeing more Blink, as her actress signed a contract of 5 movies. And it just wouldn't be an Apocalypse story without her!


                If you want a comic accurate Quicksilver, I feel like Age of Ultron will be better for you. But man, this Quicksilver they had here was still just awesome. I think he was one of the best done characters in there, and they did really well portraying a rather tricky power. It almost makes me concerned for how Marvel will do theirs since my expectations are pretty high now.


                I've got to say Beast is probably my biggest complaint here too (and even this complaint isn't very big). It was just weird seeing him go back and forth like an awkward Hulk. I don't mind the fact that they had him switch around, I mean when he first became blue in the comics he didn't stay that way all the time, but they really could've done something better than a Hulk thing. I mean it literally was Hulk! When he gets angry he goes blue. That is textbook Hulk. But like I said, not too big of a complaint because I really liked that they kept him in as Charles's caretaker, it seemed a fitting role for him and Hoult does a great job playing him.


                Ok, well this is where I disagree. I think the way they did Mystique was one of the best things in the movie. I realize that in the comics she's a brutal birch, but we saw the truly evil side of her in the first movies, this is the story of how she became that person. And personally, I think the conflicted Mystique is a far more interesting character than a simply pure evil one, especially since we can't have the Rogue dynamic with her. This one instance I have to say not making the character completely like their comic counterpart was a better thing. It would not have been the same if she was just all around bad, but we see her stepping into that territory now. I'm betting Apocalypse will show her becoming the more evil version though.


                I'm personally very upset that they simply killed them all off. It would've been fine if they showed a few of them were killed, I mean Riptide and Azazel didn't need to stay around. But Emma and Banshee? Come on! Especially Banshee! I really wanted to see more of Banshee, but no, they just killed him off. They could've just not mentioned anything and brought him back later when Charles re-opens the school... But nope, dead. Just dead.


                I'm really excited to see them re-start the school, since what we saw in First Class wasn't too much of an actually school. And it gives them a chance to technically make what Xavier said in the first movie that Scott, Jean, and Storm were his first students true. They were just the first students of his re-opened school, I guess ignoring Beast, Banshee, and Havok (speaking of Havok I'm curious if he'll come up again, since the one scene he was shown in didn't do much for him, maybe as someone who allies with Apocalypse, since he did that in the AoA story and he seemed awfully friendly with Mystique and Toad). I think the future of the X-Men movie is going to be a good one now.

                End spoilers.. again


                Eh, I guess she could've made a good MJ, but just don't like the actress in general. But I think I read that she's too busy with her Divergent stuff to go back and be MJ full time. Black Cat in these movies would be great, especially since they already set up the Felicia character. She's way too under represented in any Spidey movie. And it would be kind of cool to see to something like in the comics where she wants him, but he just rejects her. Or where she wants Spider-Man, but not Peter. I always found that funny.


                Hmm, you've got a fair. I guess seeing Tombstone wouldn't be too bad, and it's always nice to get new characters instead of the same ones used over and over again. It would also be nice to see Spidey have to take on a crime syndicate of villains instead of a corporate owned villain team. That would be so much cooler! I mean Kingpin or Tombstone or even something like Goblin Nation would be great.. just please, not Oscorp...


                It would've been nice if that had happened. Kingpin would've been great in Spider-Man, but I'd prefer him in Daredevil over that. I can take Spidey without Kingpin, but not Daredevil.


                Oh, what an unfortunate other game to have for it...


                I do too, I've read the first issue, a few of 1.number issues, but I haven't seen any of the others, I think they just sell out too fast. Like the last ANXM issue did, that was disappointing.


                Yeah, Rogue, Colossus, Shadowcat, Iceman, Pyro, so many good characters we won't get to see now that they're going with First Class era. But that's actually only a maybe, I've heard that some of the modern time might still appear, so there's a chance, a chance. Of course at the end of DoFP she didn't look to be much of a different character. Funny how a Sentinel apocalypse caused Iceman to go from dating Kitty instead of her, but he stuck with her when it didn't happen. But you know, the future scenes could've done some redeeming for her, could you imagine how effective she would be if she could basically fight the same way the Sentinels did and just beat them down with everyone else's powers. Could've been awesome.


                @Hawk: You're the only one now. GO SEE DOFP.

                But wait hold on, did you just say you don't like Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde? Hold on bub, that opinion is wrong.


                Ah, ok, well in that case I kind of have to agree with him. Not entirely, but partially. I mean you can't deny a big reason Avengers was so big was RDJ, I mean look IM3, it did great in box office but yet.. it was IM3. But that doesn't mean Avengers wasn't great on it's own merit, because it was seriously just great, but I've no doubt RDJ was the reason it attracted non-comics fans in the first place, and then more and more kept coming because it was the Avengers and it was amazing. X-Men does deserve more rep though! They should be Avengers big! But I think Fox is holding them back...


                Huh, well that's surprising. I loved FitzSimmons from the start, and ironically I wasn't too big of a May fan until later in the season.


                I think Eccleston is way too under-appreciated as a Doctor, everyone's always asking Tennant or Smith, but this guy was brilliant. I mean he was the Doctor who re-started everything! He was just great. And I have to agree with you on pretty much all of that about those episodes, they were all just great episodes! I miss the feeling of the Eccleston-Tennant era. I've got to agree with you on the Moffat era though, I might like the companions better (and that's not at all saying I don't just love the ones from the Davies era), but the stories just don't have the same feel. It's kind of like the differene between the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequel trilogy, but only in terms of how they feel, not in terms of... other stuff *cough*jarjar*cough*haydenchristenson*cough*. The Moffat era has good characters, but the feel is off.

                And it's funny, I've noticed that a lot of the people who prefer the Moffat era over the Davies era are the people who a bit too overenthusiastic about the show and never stop talking about and tend to talk condescending to people who don't watch, while the Davies era fans are the more... normal fans. Just an observation of the people that I know who watch.

                But I'm really excited to see Capaldi, it'll be cool to see a Doctor who's more serious, less absolute goofball.


                It's a much more menacing look than the simple robot with an evil face look. I tried posting this post with a link to it like 12 hours ago, but with no avail, I forgot what you'd said about the problems with link posting. I'll send you a pic of it though.


                Huh, interesting. I guess I haven't really read much post-Dark Reign pre-AvX stuff.

                Ah, yeah it sounds like they just wanted it back to punching stuff, which is a shame, because having more emotion in a show is nice, that was one of the things that this so great is the fact it wasn't just punching baddies. But I guess they think that's all the target audience wants to see. Stupid target audiences.


                You should check it out sometime, it's pretty much an all new Heroes for Hire team, but under the label of Mighty Avengers (Luke Cage refuses to become an Avenger again), which is pretty cool.

                It is annoying that most of the Tbolts cast has their own books, I mean how many books do we really need Deadpool in? I'd be cooler with this team if they took out Deadpool and Elektra and threw in Songbird, Mach V, or Atlas in there, let it be more of a real Tbolts book, because it is still nice to see what Johnny Blaze, Red Hulk, and Punisher are up to lately.

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                  @Iron: Reported for spam/advertising.


                  Haha, sounds like a cool book though.  The character almost sounds like a magician version of Spider-Man, as an underdog that finds a way to win through smarts toughness.


                  @Hawk: I kinda mix it up between Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, and a generic Koopa Troopa.  Yep, generic turtle dudes are awesome.  Yeah, I remember that rickety track from Mario Kart 64.  Mario Kart's pretty awesome every generation, and it's pretty cool how they somehow keep each game getting better than the last.  It's kinda tough to compare it to the Wii.  I like the Gamepad more than the awkward tacked-on motion controls a lot of early Wii games had.  The Gamepad's always pretty useful for maps or inventories in games, even if it's not doing anything special.  There's nothing on the level of Xenoblade or The Last Story yet, which were my two favorite Wii games.  The makers of Xenoblade have a new Wii U game supposedly coming by the end of the year, though, so that might change soon.


                  Sounds like there's some pretty awesome gameplay, even if the story isn't anything too special so far.  It's always nice when there really are multiple options to go through a part of a game.  Some games play that up a lot, but then just force you to fight your way out of most situations.  Sounds like Watch Dogs does a little better job of it so far, though. And you finally got something new to play on the PS4!  I've been thinking about when I want to eventually get a PS4, but it seems like there's no games I'm interested in being released for a long time.  The only thing for this year I was really interested in was Arkham Knight, but it got pushed back to 2015.  Looks like I'll probably be waiting until sometime next year to get one.


                  Don't worry, I"ve had it appraised by an official eyepatch/watch appraiser.  It's totally worth 2.


                  Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong series then.  I was thinking there were a lot of books with that same character and everything.  Haha, I was agreeing with you until you said I shouldn't steal it!  I've learned so much from my favorite thief game characters, so I need to put those skills to use!  Alright, I guess I'll just get the ebook.  I really don't feel like waiting around to get the one copy, so I've been planning to grab the ebook soon.  I've been kinda avoiding getting the set pics and stuff leaked, since I want the movie to be surprising and all that.  I've seen all the casting news and stuff, though.






                  Yeah, I might not like everything Singer's done with the X-Men movies *coughRoguecough* but he's nailed both Professor X and Magneto, both in the old movies and in the First Class ones. 


                  Yeah, it made sense for them to use Wolverine, even if it's sad that Kitty gets stuck on the sidelines once again here.  She's always overshadowed in the movies and games out there, even though she's so awesome in the comics. 


                  Blink was awesome, even though I'm not sure she even had one line.  They just did such cool stuff with her powers, so I'm totally looking forward to her being in the next one. 


                  Yeah, I think they did awesome with Quicksilver.  He was hilarious and had some super fun stuff to do with his powers.  He's a perfect example of the movie being a good movie but not really an X-Men movie sometimes, though.  I'm not totally sure if that's a good thing or not. 


                  Beast really was kinda disappointing.  I'm hoping we get a blue and smart Beast in the next one, since that's always the most fun version of him. 


                  I don't know.  I think they're looking to make Mystique not be evil now, since there's been talk of her being the "new Wolverine" of the movies as kinda the star character.  And the star character is never a villain, so it doesn't sound like they want her becoming more evil.  Not to mention that it would kinda undermine the ending of Days of Future Past for her to just go around killing people after her big moment of not killing.  Again, it's not a case of a bad character or a bad movie.  It's just weird to see them use Mystique like this, since it doesn't feel like the character has to be Mystique.  They could've picked any X-Men character and put them in the role of being Prof. X's childhood friend who ends up split between the two sides. 


                  Yeah, killing off so many characters like that just seemed like such a waste.  It was totally clear they had no idea what they were doing with Emma.  First, they make her into a boring lackey, then they make a big deal of her being recruited by Magneto at the end of First Class, and then she's killed between movies. 


                  But I definitely think the movie leaves them in a pretty good place where we can get some of the big-name X-Men back and learning to become true X-Men and all that at the school.  It'll be nice to get an X-Men team led by Cyclops again after so long, with characters like Storm and Jean around.  I wonder what they'll do with Wolverine, though?  He's in a weird place with his whole deal of sending his consciousness between times and all that, so it makes you wonder where he'd be at this point mentally.  Not to mention the part with Mystique grabbing him at the end instead of Stryker. 


                  End spoilers


                  I don't know, since I've never seen her in any movie.  I read the book Divergent, which was okay (but the second wasn't very good), but I never saw the movie.  But more Black Cat in movies would be totally awesome.  She's never been in a movie, even though she's a plenty important Spidey character.  This is the perfect chance for her to show up, between Gwen and Mary Jane. 


                  Yeah, some criminal syndicate-type people would be some nice variety instead of him fighting Oscorp all the time.  There has to be bad people out there besides the Osborn family... Right?


                  At least it was a free game, so it wasn't too bad.  The first game was so much better, though. 


                  Yeah, it would've been so awesome if Rogue would've been fighting and just being awesome in the future stuff. Instead, she's just not even there.  This was their chance to let Rogue finally just wow the crowd with her coolness, and they missed it! 

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                    Rogue it is funny that you make that Spidey comparison because Dresden is a bit of a smart ass especailly when he is taking on the bad guys he definitely pisses them off with his sarcasm, lol. However even though Dresden is awesome, Butcher doe a really good job of developing other strong characters around Harry that just keep growing as the series continues. You guys should definitely read them no matter where you pick them up at, lol.



                    I agree with almost everything you guys are saying although I agree with Rogue about Mystique. Since they know have Jennifer Lawrence playing her she is not going to go super dark and I am okay with that. The character itself is so cool and always captivating that I don't want movie Mystique to turn into the evil jerk comic Mystique is.


                    I have always liked the X Men but not loved them so I don't generally mind the changes to the characters if they make sense. Also I know it is frustrating to see some of them killed, but there are so many of them that they have to make some choices about how they want to continue to do these films and there just isn't room for all of them. I also understand Rogue's frustration with Singer since the character Rogue was really mishandled, even if they don't want to give her Ms.. Marvel powers they could have made her a cool character and have her absorb other X Men powers before going into battle sort of like they did with Bishop.


                    I loved the movie and would go see it again thought they knocked it out of the park.

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                      Sherman wins the Madden NFL cover, yay. Great year for the guy, best CB in the NFL, wins the Super Bowl, gets the big contract and now the Madden cover, a second super bowl would fit in nicely with all of that.

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                        I can only make a quick little post tonight, but I'm just checking in to let you guys know I hurt my back so my computer time has been a bit limited lately.  I think it's starting to get to better, but I'm still pretty sore and its hard to do pretty much everything including sleep, haha.  Hopefully I'll be healed up in a few days so I can get back to posting.  Really quick though..


                        I'm so, so, so happy to have a PS4 right now, haha.  In case you guys haven't heard PS4 is getting exclusive Collector's Edition of Disney Infinity Marvel Heroes which will include all the Avengers.  I think Sony will also get some other exclusive content too, including Hulk being a timed exclusive.  But I'm just super excited to get the Collector's Edition!


                        @Iron - I saw Edge of Tomorrow and you should definitely check it out!  I thought it was an awesome sci fi movie and I know ya mentioned an interest in it earlier.

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                          Hawk sorry to hear about your back how did you hurt it?


                          Yeah going to go this weekend when I get to Seattle. I am off to spend two weeks with my girls, yay! They both have jobs this year so they are not coming up, sort of sad about that but understand that is how life goes. So will see Edge of Tomorrow with my girls as it looks awesome and is getting great reviews. Although Fault in our Stars killed it at the box office. Not surprised Fault in our Stars has a huge following because of the books, which is quite good and quite depressing, it is about teen cancer. Anyway the book has been huge so not surprised to see it do well on opening weekend.