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    Can anyone help me get my k/d ratio up?

      My k/d ratio is 0.875 and I'd like to get it to at least 1.0

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          What worked for me is parting up with my clan mates.  Learn from the better players, and copy what works.  My k/d went up from .88 to 1.06, and that was starting w 37k kills, so it took a lot work.  Good luck.

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            Yeah man get at least 2 or 3 more people to play with you and make sure you guys give great callouts in a match and i'm sure your KD will rise. I didn't start out good in the game but right now I've got a 1.72 KD and a 3.7 Win/Loss hopefully this helps. But in the end it doesn't matter about KD it's just about having fun and playing the game, I'll play with you if you'd like man.

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              A bit of practice mostly helped out for me. I just usually play local play with veteran difficulty. Trust me, they're not easy. I was a .74 before now, I'm still at .74. Just kidding. It'll work for you, haters6996 , trust me, nobody takes it easily. Every once in a while even the pros like, Ali-A or Vanoss (although he doesn't take the game too seriously) has had some struggles before they got to were they were. Give it some time. It'll work,

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                This is going to sound a little arrogant but it's not intended to be.  To key to getting a higher kd is to focus on dying less.  I know that when I was starting out I was thinking if only I could get more kills but later it hit me that the reason that I couldn't get more kills was because I was spending too much time running back to the action after respawn.  So start with trying to die less.  It will get you thinking about which approach angles leave you overly exposed and which ones will improve your odds of winning the gunfight.  Past that learn from the deaths that you do have especially when some one that you deem to be more experienced than you caused it.  Memorize what worked for them and think about why it worked.  Then ask yourself what you should have done differently to have given yourself a better advantage in that situation.  Lastly, playing in a group absolutely helps to improve your stats.  It might slow your growth a bit since its easier to play when you know what to expect from your team or it could enhance your growth by being able to get real time advice.  Either way your stats will improve playing in a group.

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                  I would have to agree with a lot of the guys have to say. I would say play with a party if you want to raise up your KDR. You will find that surrounding yourself with decent players has a couple of benefits.


                  1) you basically learn different styles and set ups. Some of our clan members run support streaks while others run assault streaks. Also you will see some players play more conservatively, while others play a very aggressive style.


                  2) decent players will often have your back and are able to save you in a gunfight. This reduces your deaths per game and hopefully raises your KDR in the long run.

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                    I agree with DocChoi. We do have different strategy or styles to level up our K/D ratio. We just need to perform well in game and getting more kills but lesser deaths or getting killed. See you in game guys!