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    Lost all alter ego earned so far and some others skylanders, what can I do to retrieve them?

      After a failed visit someone in my friend list, when I come back to the game, I notice that my skylander list was reseted, having just a Spyro at level one. I can just claim the skylanders I have sync and all of them at level one. I had already won all the alter egos released so far, the skylanders i won at the beginning of the game by leveling up, quest like Gnarly Tree Rex and others that i get it from free in the game, couldn't be claimed back. My level, gold, gems, energy and kudos are ok, they stayed the same were i was. The problemas is only with my skylanders, can you guys give me a help? I just need my list os skylander back how it was before June 10, 2014, I don't mind level up the alter egos back, I just need them back. I have all the house but can't use the alter egos because them are not showing for me to use. The only ones that shows to me is Admiral Thumpback and Buttered Pop Thorn, but I can only buy them. That really unfair, I had already bought him with my kudos long time ago and the other I won in the wishing well before this problem happened (it's even marked in there as owned).


      I still playing daily for the task of Air Sanctum and to re-level up my other skylanders that I reclaimed back. I using a iPad 3 and my phone, so I can have another backup if the one in the iPad gone mad again.

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