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    I tried really hard to like this game..I did

      How did this game even come close to getting past the testing stages? From the shotguns to the sound-whoring and dogs to the overall lack of fun it really disappoints me that this game is so lackluster. Me and my friends waited patiently for this cod as we have since black ops 1. Wow. As a cod lover and avid supporter this game is really horrible. The way you die in this game is so amazing its like they had to try to make it this hard. When youre not getting shot in the back from wonky spawns, youre losing gunfights to someone scared into a corner by this games steep skill curve. (sarcasm).


      Every single one of my friends has stopped playing this game (aswell as lot of people) and as of today so will I. I've been playing with my friends on black ops 2 and even though that game as a lot of issues ghosts makes it seem like the golden child of the series by comparison.


      I just wish CoD actually listened to the community once in a while. I really wanted this game to be good, I did. I will continue to support cod down the road but I just hope ghosts 2 is not a future idea.