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        You got it backwards there, Iron.  Natasha felt like she wasn't cool enough for Clint!  She would've went for Tony, but then she remembered Tony is Tony and hit on Banner instead, haha.  But I kinda wouldn't have been shocked if they decided to go Natasha instead of Sharon if people responded well enough to it.  Seeing Clint and Cap hang out together would be awesome though!  I would love to see that friendship on the big screen.


        I think Thor and Jane breaking up is a bigger deal for a movie though.  There's decades of comics and we've only had two Thor movies.  I think Marvel really likes Jaime though, the same way they really like Hayley Atwell, so I think it's probable for Sif to get more involvement.  I'd just be surprised if Jane dumps him in the Avengers since its not his movie.  TDW did tease that Jane and Thor wouldn't work because of they're so different and Thor is always running off to have adventures, but Jane doesn't seem interested in another guy and is willing to wait.

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          Oh my god, the AoU trailer is out!  It had me shaking.  It blew my mind, it looks so amazing.  Go watch it!

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            Well when  I got home it had been pulled but then Marvel went ahead and officially posted it, yay! Have really been looking forward to this trailer since reading the scene by scene description from Comic-Con. Does the Hulkbuster armor look frigging amazing or what!!! Holy cow that was awesome and Ultron looks fantastic!!! What an incredible trailer and we are seeing just the smallest bit of it cannot wait for two glorious hours of awesomeness. It really blew me away!!!!

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              Thanks, Hydra for leaking the trailer early! 

              It looks totally awesome.  Villains have been somewhat of a weak spot in the MCU (not Loki) and I think Ultron will definitely work towards fixing that.  He looks downright scary and James Spader's voice is pretty much perfect.  Hulkbuster looks so awesome!  Wow.  Just.  Wow.  I don't know if I can hold back from watching anything else.  I've already watched this trailer 5 or 6 times and I'm about to go wear out the pause button.  Speaking of....at :37 there's a group shot.  From left to right there's Banner, Widow, ?, Thor, Cap, Maria Hill, Rhodey, Tony, Clint.  Who is the ? female?  It doesn't look like Jane Foster, but it's not easy to make out faces.

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                So, that was pretty awesome.  Spader just nails the voice of Ultron, that awesome shot of the Hulkbuster armor vs. Hulk, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.  This really looks like it's gonna be awesome (not that it wasn't already clear that it'd be great before, but whatever).  Can't wait to see this movie! 


                It looked like Jane Foster in that shot to me, Jad, though it was a bit blurry from that distance.  Though if Hawk squints enough, he might be able to convince himself it's Bobbi! haha, but I think it's just Jane, which especially makes sense with her being next to Thor.

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                  Wow, wow wow!  I've watched a dozen times and it still keeps getting to me.  That has to be Klaw that Andy Serkis is playing!  The beard is a dead give away.  And that must mean Ultron is forcing him to coat him in vibranium!  And damn, the ballerinas must be Tasha's past!  And damn, that scream from Wanda is chilling!  And her red glow hex is so cool.  I really like the super speed of Pietro too!  Ramming into an Ultron bot to help Cap on the train. It seems like rumors of a Natasha/Banner fling might be true!  She goes to his side in the party scene and then when she touches her hand to Hulk's.  I'm even more stoked about all the Clint!  Sure, he's only the focus twice, but you see him in a lot of team shots!  Helluva lot better than when ya only saw him alone in A1.  It almost looks like the soldiers in the snowy forest are shooting at Clint.  Though it makes more sense to shoot at Hulk since we see Banner stumble through the same forest.  Spader's voice as Ultron is just so chilling and that face looks great!  I was really worried they'd make him look too human, but damn, the moving jaw just makes it look even creepier.  That Hulkbuster armor looks fantastic!  That fight is gonna be so insane.  I'm glad that they didn't spoil much aside from Hulkbuster too!  It doesn't seem like they showed any big money shot like Hulk catching IM from Avengers 1.


                  But damn, Whedon has stepped up his game!  The filming of it looks incredible.  It looks completely different from Avengers 1, which looked so bright and clean.  This has such a different feel.  It's gonna be a hell of a long six months.  I want this movie now!  Being going insane all night!  Mockingbird costume, Bobbi in casual clothes, AoU trailer!  Marvel wants me to have a happy overdose, haha.

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                    Yeah, this looks like it's gonna be awesome.  Ultron looks like he's gonna end up being awesome, and it seems like our worries about him not exactly having the ant head aren't really a big deal.  Klaw being in the movie probably does mean Vibranium Ultron.  It also opens up the possibilities a little more for future Black Panther stuff, you'd think, too.  And I'm wondering how much of Widow's past is gonna be dealt with in the movie with the whole ballerina reference in the trailer.  After all, there's a whole lot of layers to the comic version of that, where the whole ballerina thing was actually a false memory she had.  So much going on in this trailer, and this looks to be another awesome Marvel movie. 

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                      Just watched the trailer for the umpteenth time and every time I just get a sense of totally awesome! I do think in that group shot it is Jane Foster since she is standing very close to Thor. Lot so very cool shot but that first shot of IM suiting up in the hulkbuster Armor is way cool as it looks like he is already in his standard armor and the HB armor fits over it the whole shot of it closing up is totally rad, lol. Hulk and Widow very interesting and I also like the shot where big Ultron is with the twins. I agree with Hawk in regards to Whedon using a different pallet to shoot the film in. It certainly looks darker and grubbier, which is cool. However I feel pretty confident he won't overdo the dark and give us some good light moments as well. That is my biggest problem with Batman is that it is oppressively dark and depressing the entire film. Whedon likes some humor and I am sure they will give us a good balance to keep the film grounded.

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                        Yeah, Whedon will still bring in plenty of jokes to keep it from going too serious and depressing.  Hopefully plenty of em will be said from Clint this time.  I'm seeing rumors once again of a Carol Danvers cameo, which is interesting.  At this point I'd be more shocked if she didn't show up, though I'm curious who they'll get for the role.


                        So, are you guys exciting for the new footage to be shown tomorrow after SHIELD!  I have a feeling it'll be that party scene that was shown at SDCC where they all tried lifting the hammer, but I look forward to it anyway!  And the big news of today is that Benedict Cumberbatch will be Dr Strange!  It seems like an excellent choice to me and just with his casting they've secured a lot of tickets what with his passionate fanbase.

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                          Oh, man, even though I already heard the dialogue for the party scene it was so damn cool to see!  I loved, loved, loved Clint twirling around the chopstick like a drummer and the attitude we got to see him have!  It definitely feels like the scene is supposed to be longer and they chopped it up for the teaser cause Clint kept changing seats.  He goes from sitting next to Maria to sitting on the back of a couch to sitting next to Maria again, haha.  Awesome to see a lot of shots of him in the good though!  It seems like Whedon is making good on the promise to make up for Clint not appearing in the solo movies.


                          And we got two scenes today!  There's leaked footage of the scene shown at the big Marvel event with Cap and Tony outside a farm (badass Digest refers to it as Clint's farm, perhaps in Iowa?  His Dad was a butcher, but maybe it's a safe house Clint bought when he needs to lay low).  Unfortunately the leaked vid I saw had really echo-y sound so it was hard to hear Cap and Tony at times.


                          but man, what craziness today!  Black Panther!  Captain Marvel!  Two-part Infinity War!  All of which I've heard rumors about, so it didn't blow my mind maybe as much as it could have.  Black Panther being a big part of Cap 3 was a surprise though and it seems like Cap 3 may turn into Avengers 2.5!  Cap, Tony, Clint, Panther, very likely Falcon and Bucky and who knows who else! (coughBobbicough).  I haven't seen Boseman in anything before, but it seems like he has some solid movies under his belt.