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        50. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

        Considering the Wii U sales number it's not surprising.  Only 6.17 consoles sold so far.  There's over 100 million Wii's out there.  Much more likely that more people would buy and play those titles. 


        Honestly I was happy when I heard they were shutting the servers down.  I had more than my fill of those games especially considering how hacked they were. It would definitely get more people to upgrade.  I mean especially now with the MK8 bundle.  That's a good deal right there.  MK8, a wiimote plus, the racing wheel, plus another free game for $329. 


        The hackers definitely don't want to upgrade.  I mean when I played MW3 the vast majority of my matches had hackers.  Which means the majority of the people that play that game were hacking.  Heck even people on this forum hacked that game.  Those people definitely don't care about upgrading.  There was probably more people playing a hacked version of MW3 than the entire population of Ghosts. 

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          51. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

          I understand the sales count - my question is "Why".


          * Sure, those that hack will still be there, but wouldn't that number diminish over time? Unless I'm not understanding the hacker mentality, I would think that'd get old after a while. What it *feels* like is that hackers are slowly leaving and normal human beings are slowly returning. On BO1, I've seen only 1 hacker lately. MWR I haven't seen any (but the hit detection is so sh!tty that it's not worth playing unless you just want to run around and explore the maps again). MW3 still has some though.

          * The Wii U isn't expensive or *that* expensive. I think there are enough titles to make it worth it. Even if COD didn't exist.

          * Did people jump ship and join PS/360 when deciding to get the Wii U? That the price point at the time was getting so close to the PS/360 that why not go there and get more DLC with HD.

          * Did the Wii U actually backfire (turned away more than it attracted) and segment COD players more than we thought? Meaning, people who had the Wii for COD only - jumped ship to PS/360 for more DLC/HD. People who had the Wii for COD and other 3rd party & Nintendo titles - bought the Wii U.


          I'm sure Nintendo and more so Activision is struggling with this question as well and more than likely, putting that into the cost/benefit analysis of porting Advanced Warfare on Wii U. I honestly won't blame Activision for not giving us AW in the winter...but I do blame them and Nintendo for putting us in the situation where that's even a question. Both of them failed miserably, especially in the marketing. They shot themselves in the foot.

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            52. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

            expresso83 ha scritto:


            Same goes for WaW on the Xbox 360. That game is virtually unplayable. I ran into people with God mode on, and it was incredibly unenjoyable.


            MW3 on the Wii is actually pretty good for my experiences. I've only encountered people with the different colored names, but they were still killable. Haven't tried Blops or MWR on the Wii yet though, but I hear Blops is still good.


            But anyways, still prefer COD on the Wii U so I hope COD: AW gets released for it.

            Really? Aren't xbox servers under control? I remember people saying "hackers get banned on MS servers" isn't it true?

            Anyway MWR and BLOPS are true disasters, I got my profile hacked on BLOPS (-9999999999 points, 0 kills 99999999999 deaths and so on), the same on MW3, but in MW3 I found someone who helped me restoring my account

            MWR is the worst for the numeber of hackers, plus there are many glitches in many maps (like invisible elevators for example).

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              53. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

              M4GNUM ha scritto:


              the numbers still playing on the Wii is staggeringly large.

              It's easy to explain: you can easily install the homebrew channel in 10 (TEN) minutes and download the game 4 free.


              Activision must be totally crazy to keep those games alive, with wii servers down people should get a next gen console and a new CoD


              If I was Nintendo I would told 'em to shut down the servers

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                54. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

                Ive played the last 2 days and only seen 1 nerd hacker in MWR.

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                  55. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

                  i love mw3.....but its not enjoyable to me anymore with these hackers/clans

                  1 hacker can ruin my whole day. screw that.


                  thats why i love cod4 reflex....hackers are almost non existent  as for the hit detection...for some reason with my connection i usually win.


                  i suck at black ops1 so i dont play it.... ive never been able to do good in a treyarch game.

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                    56. Re: Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

                    Pinky1. whats your mwr name?

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