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    Well I tried Black Ops 2

      Since ghosts's release everyone seemed to slam it for being horrible and complaining, many people went back to Black Ops 2.


      After trying Black Ops 2 I will say I do not like it. I think it's a terrible game.


      It has the worst hit detection in any COD game and something just seems off with it.


      I'm glad I never bought it.


      I can see why Pwnstarzdotcom doesn't like it too.


      Looks like it's back to ghosts and MW3 for me until Advanced warfare comes out.


      This discussion is my opinion, some people prefer it to take a very long time to kill enemies and bad hit detection. I'm all for a good Time To Kill or whatever it's called but Black Ops 2 has a far too long Time To Kill.


      Even switching back to MW2 after years of not playing it I had a very enjoyable time with it and it has amazing hit detection and Time To Kill.


      It's a shame MW2 isn't played much anymore, the most superior games have gone. I hope Advanced Warfare changes all of this. I heard MW2 doesn't have the terrible new lag comp system either.

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          The hit detection in Black Ops 2 can be pretty bad at times.  In my experience, MW2 had the best hit detection, lag comp, etc. of any CoD game.  I wish it weren't infested with hackers, but I suppose that's what happens after 4 years. 

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              That's what happens when the developers abandon it following the beginning of development on their next title, IW is guilty of this on every single one of their titles lol 3Arc offers patch support for the previous title for the length of the current one's lifetime (ie. BO2 continues to get hotfixes and patched, and BO1 got a patch sometime last August and two or three hotfixes since).. now WaW is riddled with hackers, but then again there's only about 500 people playing it..


              MW2 was abandoned to both patch and security support about six months prior to the release of MW3, MW3 went the same direction about 5-6 months prior to Ghosts (it too is littered with mods and hackers now).


              I completely agree about the BO2 hit detection, I don't honestly know what happened with BO2's multiplayer, but I suppose a breaky CoD title was bound to happen for 3Arc eventually.. I just wish I understood how.. perhaps they got too ambitious with ideas and engine edits that they cut themselves short with "theory and test" time and cut into actual development.. that happens with some games, their devs come up with great ideas of what to do both in game and in the engine itself, but don't have the time to execute it properly.. and then we get a solid game, but with real breaky elements.. like the netcode.. hit detection.. knifing.. that's technically also hit detection, but it's so atrocious it deserves its own spot lol...


              The sad thing is, a lot of current CoD players started with BO2, or MW3, and never experienced prior titles like CoD4 (back when IW was whole and had passion, which they clearly no longer have) and World at War, the first Black Ops, MW2... well parts of MW2.. they began with either the half-assed MW3 that had horrible lag comp and sh*tty map design (getting stuck running on a flat surface, nuff said).. or Black Ops 2 which was the most solidly built CoD title to date but had all these breaky issues within it that popped up or interfered with the otherwise smooth gameplay.. it was like buying a really sweet, sexy car.. that had a lot of really annoying trouble with all of its features.. the engine ran smooth as a baby's bottom, but the blinker never came on when you needed it, the AC kept fizzling out, and you're pretty sure they put crude oil in the washer fluid tank...

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                  I think mw3 had some very good maps, better than the mw2 maps and black ops 2 maps anyway.


                  The same goes for ghosts, it has great maps however two in particular stick out which are very bad and need to be removed.

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                      Maps are a personal preference of each player, except for the clearly bad ones that incite a groan at the very idea of them being selected lol


                      MW3's maps, in terms of playability, were alright but not anywhere in the same ballpark of good map design as prior CoD entries, or even BO2's, which even if you personally didn't like a map they were all well designed. There were no perfect kill zones, and no unavoidable killboxes - which every map in MW3 had at least one of the latter.. which is just lazy.


                      In terms of visual appeal, however, that goes back to personal preference. I enjoy both the vibrant hues and realistic colors schemes of the Treyarch map styles. But I also enjoy the dingy, gritty color schemes of the IW map styles from the Modern Warfare trilogy. Ghosts is a bit too dingy, at least on last gen consoles, which makes them all very unappealing... and ultimately unmemorable with the exception of a few newer maps from the DLC, Stonehaven, and Overlord (I know those are two of the largest maps, but color and presentation-wise they're the most appealing vanilla maps in the game)...


                      I'm sorry, but at least for me and most of my friends list who play the game, as next game gets into swing it won't be "Hey, remember that time on [insert map name]?", it'll be "Remember that time on.. that map.. with the... oh hell with Ghosts, remember that time in Black Ops 2..." lol because at least those maps, love or hate them, were memorable. I don't particularly love or hate any of the maps in Ghosts... they're just... maps... they serve a purpose.. and absolutely nothing more will remain in my memory about them... except for how wide open Stonehaven was, and how much like Jungle (a Treyarch map) that Prison Break was... lol


                      Actually, the newest maps from the three map packs will stick with me, but only because they're designed like 3Arc maps, and are 50 times more vibrant than any of the vanilla maps on the disk... it's sad when 6 months from now the only maps that I'm going to remember about Ghosts is its DLC maps, because they're unique and stick out... the rest are just like the MW3 maps... blah... good for the most part, but unmemorable...

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                  Yeah, I don't believe these players that say they went back and liked it, bo2 was awful hit detection in core.

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                    Compared to Ghosts, that game is like a godsend. I actually like playing Mirage now....

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                      I played BOPS2 earlier this weekend and it was great.

                      I used to complain about the spawn traps that you could find yourself stuck in, but that didn't happen very often.

                      It's funny how there are more people still playing that than Ghosts.

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                        It's just I don't see how people can like a Call Of Duty with that bad of hit detection and lag comp. I mean it takes soo many bullets to kill and even when getting the jump on enemies you still lose the gunfight a lot of the time.


                        And no I'm not a bad player, I only started playing it a few days ago which means I didn't have many weapons or attachments unlocked and I have a good kd.


                        The devs also seem to like bringing back bad maps from the older games. There I said it, I don't like Nuketown. It's so small and closed you can't move without being lit up from an enemy sitting watching the path you choose to go down.


                        In my opinion ghosts is a better game than blops 2, when you shoot an enemy most of the time you actually get the kill and it doesn't take a dozen bullets to kill one enemy.


                        Ghost however has had some connection issues where I could barely get any kills despite getting huge jumps on enemies with SMG's (even Ali A commented on the connection issues ghosts sometimes has) but that issue cleared up for me weeks ago and there are some terrible maps that should be removed from ghosts which in my opinion are Stormfront and Freefall.


                        I just don't like how blops 2 "functions" and I will continued to play ghosts and MW3.


                        Ghosts and MW3 are the only cods I play now pretty much.

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                          Same opinion here, Bo2 is worst of all cods and 2nd is ghosts.

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                            I dont know if im right but it seems all kids like Bo2 most of all players!? Older players like cods before Bo2 what i have noticed.

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                              i stuck in BLOP1 the other day. forgot how awesome that game was. it kind of reminds me of ghosts, with better sound. too bad i could only get a HC TDM lobby. no HC CTF. not enough players.

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                                I personally do not see a difference between Ghosts and Black ops 2 when it comes to hit detection and lag. I feel they both suffer the same issues. Ghost has a even faster TTK then Black ops 2 and i thought that was a impossible thing to do.


                                Black ops 1 and MW3 both had everything right with feel and connection. Hopefully Sledgehammer will get it back with Advanced Warfare.

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                                  I dunno, I found BO2 quite fun myself.


                                  I have enjoyed (and in some cases disliked) each game for different reasons. I think it is all in how you approach it.

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                                    Ghosts has less lag but black ops 2 has a better point system. It's better visually and has a better side game. In ghosts you literally have a split second to react so it's a really difficult game to play aggressively. Objectives games are less fun too due to the time to kill.

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                                      I had a great deal of fun myself playing BO2, and would place it only behind MW2 on my "personal favorite COD" list. Unfortunately, some of the best DLC is coming out after the yearly cycle is over (115/Afterlife/UKpunk). Looking forward, I hope AW adds in some amazing mDLC to keep it interesting.


                                      A big factor for enjoyment in BO2 for me came from the zombies mode. Hours of entertainment for me in there. I do find extinction fun, and I'm starting to get used to it, but zombies is currently the game mode to end all game modes in my books, and is something I feel was done very well in BO2.

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                                        hmmmmm well that fact that you have never tried black ops II to this point doesn't validate your opinion.  Ghost made it impossible to see snipers and campers.   If you like hardcore it has been debilitated by the lack of an map to reference u and your teammates.  not to mention they made most maps to accommodate to fit snipers and the whole battlefield theme.  If i wanted battlefield I would buy it.  Thats why call of duty is the last of the good shooters.  LOL Ghosts is  horrible I only play it because I paid way too much for it and its season pass. 

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                                            I don't see how your first sentence matters at all to this discussion nor do I see what point you're trying to make.


                                            I played blops 2 and I simply stated my opinions of it from what I saw.


                                            I pretty much know most of the Call of Duty experience through years of playing so I know what's good and bad about the different cods.


                                            I've had a far worse experience with snipers in blops 2 than in ghosts.


                                            Blops 2 just isn't as much enjoyable for me.


                                            I just prefer ghosts and mw3 really.

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                                            Blacktops 2 is wayyyy!!! better than Ghost but trying to pick it up now I imagine would be difficult as you are going against players who know every nook and cranny of the game with a ton of experiance. Still in its prime it was a beautiful experience only let down by ease of quickscoping.

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                                              I really enjoyed Black ops 2 .

                                              At the risk of sounding trolly , and I genuinely don't wish to as you make your OP with maturity and well reasoned points, you do say you are glad that you didn't buy BOPS2, which suggests that you didn't play it for a prolonged length of time (please correct me if I am off the mark)

                                              BLOPS2 is a bit of a slow burner and, like many cods, it tends to grow on you in time until it is really good fun imvho.