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    Need A Good Clan!



           Hello, my name is Andrew(DementedWafflez). I am 13 years old and looking for a clan on Call Of Duty® Ghosts For X-Box 360.






           •Looking for a clan that is around lvl 25.

         •Must participate in clan wars

         • Must be competitive but also has fun with members


                                   Information About Me


           I have a .723 KDR because I am trying to get the ghillie suit and also my 10 year old brother had been on my account for a week straight while I was away and I have been trying to get it back up. I am prestige 3 level 25. Please note I consider myself as a fairly good player. I have some bad days but try my best. Also, I am not wanting to join a clan because of the Red Clan Tag Color or the Gold or the perks it gives me but to simply play some Call of Duty with my clan members and meet new people.

                                 *If any questions please comment back on this post, contact me on xbox(DementedWafflez) or add me on skype(andrew.lenox2)* THANK YOU.